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Hurom HG Red Wine Extruder HG-EBE06

Hurom HG Red Wine Extruder HG-EBE06

  • Unique design The HG model belonging to Hurom's Premium line of devices is characterized by extreme attention to detail, eye-catching design and the original line of the outer body. The front of the device is also exceptionally attractive and made of
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Designed for you

The world's first

The world's first slow-running juicer has been developed and patented by Hurom ("Vertical Cold Press Juicers")

Quiet and easy to clean

The quiet motor allows you to start your morning without causing a fuss, and cleaning only takes a few minutes.

Safe juice squeezing

Hurom juice squeezers are 100% BPA-free and have no blades or sharp parts, making them safe for your whole family.

Delicious, unprocessed juice


Slow-speed juicing allows you to extract more juice that retains its flavour and nutritional value for up to 72 hours.

More nutrients, minimal oxidation

Natural auger shaft movement minimises degradation of valuable nutrients, ensuring that the natural flavour and nutritional value of the juice is retained.

Unique design hurom design

The HG model belongs to Hurom's Premium line HG model belongs to Hurom's Premium line and is characterized by an extraordinary attention to detail, eye-catching hG model belongs to Hurom Premium line and is characterized by attention to detail, eye-catching design and original line of the outer body. Extremely attractive is also the front of the device made of extremely elegant brushed steel. Squeezer combines the best features of Hurom brand - unique design, innovative technologies and above all the full depth of taste of squeezed juices.

Fresh juices at your fingertips świeże soki dzięki hurom

Juice prepared from fresh fruit and vegetables is an ideal and healthy snack or snack or even a whole meal consumed during the day. Home-made production of juices is a great solution for people who want to to lead a healthy lifestyle and follow a diet ensuring the richness nutrients necessary for the body. Thanks to the extremely easy to use Hurom juicer can effectively encourage you to daily squeezing and drinking fresh juices or preparing delicious and healthy mousses.

Innovative technology technologia wyciskania soków

The Hurom HG extruder is a completely new quality in the field of juicing. The worm shaft placed inside the device performs only 40 revolutions per minute - such slow operation such slow operation makes the process of extracting juice take place at a much lower temperature than in a traditional juicer. Because high temperatures vitamins, the low-speed Slow Squeezing Technology developed by Hurom ensures that the juice is lower temperature juice with an incomparably higher content of of the body's essential vitamins, enzymes and nutrients nutrients.

Easy cleaning hurom czyszczenie

After after the juicer has finished juicing, some of the remaining raw materials remains inside. Their removal in a traditional juicer is associated with tedious and time-consuming disassembly of the the machine into parts. In its products, Hurom eliminates this inconvenient by using an automatic solution. A specially designed silicone wiper the silicone wiper inside the machine quickly removes the residue deposited on the sieve. When you have finished working, simply close the funnel, pour and run the squeezer for a while. After several seconds the residue is removed and the water can be can be discharged.

Safe materials ekologiczne soki

The bowl of the Hurom HG juicer is made of tritan - a plastic completely free of bisphenol, which makes it the device can also be used safely when preparing meals for children. Equally reliable and proven is the durability of the sieves are made of resistant steel and the screw shaft - the heart of the The screw shaft - the heart of the appliance - has increased wear resistance thanks to the use of extremely durable ULTEM material. The quality of of the entire appliance is also confirmed by the manufacturer's warranty - up to 10 years 10 years on the motor and accessories.

High quality operation hurom głośność pracy

The noise accompanying the operation of traditional juicers has been reduced in Hurom slow-running juicers to just 30 dB, which ensures their very quiet operation. The manufacturer has also taken care of efficient cooling system to protect the motor from damage due to overheating as a result of overheating. In addition, the juicer is characterized by high energy efficiency. During operation it consumes only 150 W.

Comfortable handle

W with the aesthetics and technological advancement of Hurom brand goes always goes hand in hand with refined product ergonomics. This is also the case with hG model - comfortable handles located on both sides of the machine for easy and safe transport. In addition, in the comfortable comfortable transport of the extruder are its compact size and weight of less than 6 kg weight does not exceed 6 kilograms.
hurom HG jak przenosić

Elegant colours

W there are three colour variations to choose from for the premium model. The red one perfectly emphasizes the slender lines of the machine and red perfectly highlights the slim lines of the device and showcases its unique design. For users looking for a strong accent in the kitchen, the manufacturer has also chocolate version. The most classic solution is also available solution - silver combined with black, which will easily the design will easily match the interior of any kitchen.

hurom HG zdjęcie

Kod producenta
Extrusion technology
Hurom SST™
Bowl capacity
500 mlWięcej

1000 ml

Housing material
Stainless steel
Predominant colour
Red wine
RPM of the sqeezing screw
43 rpm
RPM of the silicon brush
43 rpm
Dimensions (L x W x H)
172 x 236 x 418 mm
5,5 kg
Motor power
Juice density control lever
Clear juice filter
Thick juice filter
Ice cream attachment
Citrus Squeezer
Accessory rack
Tofu mold
10 year warranty

HUROM - only original products.

  • Buy only original products from the Polish distribution of Hurom.
  • Produced under the HUROM warranty.
  • Premium quality - made in South Korea.
  • Make sure you have the highest quality.
  • Register your Hurom squeezer to receive a 10 year parts warranty.



Our Slow juicers are covered by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty*.


*2 years manufacturer's warranty, plus an additional 8 years warranty if you register your product.

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