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Hurom H300E Titanium Grey Slow Juicer
Hurom H300E Titanium Grey Slow Juicer
Hurom H300E Titanium Grey Slow Juicer
Hurom H300E Titanium Grey Slow Juicer
Hurom H300E Titanium Grey Slow Juicer
Hurom H300E Titanium Grey Slow Juicer
Hurom H300E Titanium Grey Slow Juicer
Hurom H300E Titanium Grey Slow Juicer
Hurom H300E Titanium Grey Slow Juicer
Hurom H300E Titanium Grey Slow Juicer
Hurom H300E Titanium Grey Slow Juicer
Hurom H300E Titanium Grey Slow Juicer
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Hurom H300E Titanium Grey Slow Juicer

  • New 2021- Hurom H300E Titanium Grey Slow Juicer, H-300E-DBEC03, Graphite Color
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Designed for you

The world's first

The world's first slow-running juicer has been developed and patented by Hurom ("Vertical Cold Press Juicers")

Quiet and easy to clean

The quiet motor allows you to start your morning without causing a fuss, and cleaning only takes a few minutes.

Safe juice squeezing

Hurom juice squeezers are 100% BPA-free and have no blades or sharp parts, making them safe for your whole family.

Delicious, unprocessed juice


Slow-speed juicing allows you to extract more juice that retains its flavour and nutritional value for up to 72 hours.

More nutrients, minimal oxidation

Natural auger shaft movement minimises degradation of valuable nutrients, ensuring that the natural flavour and nutritional value of the juice is retained.

Hurom H300E One slow juicer, many possibilities

Most important features of the H300E:

  • highest squeezing performance and maximum juice clarity
  • largest batch chamber on the market, enabling whole fruit and vegetables to be squeezed
  • innovative juicing chamber
  • innovative batch chamber for automatic squeezing
  • innovative batch chamber for automatic squeezing
  • Variety - allows preparation of juices, ice-cream or vegetable milk
  • Failure-free operation
  • failure-free, quiet, brushless induction motor
  • innovative multi-screw auger shaft, which combines the function of the auger shaft and filter into one simple combination

Hurom H300

The latest Hurom H300E slow juicer allows you to prepare fresh juice in the simplest possible way. With its innovative design and features, the slow juicer reduces the most time-consuming tasks such as preparing the ingredients for juicing, cleaning the machine when you're done and, of course, juicing itself, to just a few minutes. You'll use it in a myriad of ways, not only squeezing delicious and healthy juices for your whole family, but also making delicious sorbets, ice creams and your favourite nut milks. The Hurom H300E was created out of a passion for fresh drinks that anyone can prepare in their kitchen. The familiar features of previous models have been refined even further, making the equipment more efficient, more durable and the drinks themselves delicious and healthy. When facing the choice of a new slow juicer, the Hurom H300E should be a favourite on your list.

Patented Multi-Screw SST slow-speed squeezing system

The Hurom H300E slow juicer is equipped with the state-of-the-art Multi-Screw SST system, in which the filter is integrated into the screw shaft. This solution reduces the number of juice-squeezing parts to a minimum and reduces the time needed to wash the machine after use. This means you don't have to worry about time-consuming washing and denying yourself delicious juice because of it. All you need to do is fill the chamber with vegetables or fruit, squeeze the juice and conveniently clean it so it's fully ready for your next flavour exploration.

Squeeze whole fruits thanks to the Mega Hopper chamber

The Hurom H300 slow juicer also features the innovative Mega Hopper batch chamber. From now on, you can throw whole fruit and vegetables into it. The chamber has a capacity of as much as 2 litres, allowing you to put a large number of ingredients in it without constantly slicing and adding more pieces of fruit and vegetables. Could there be anything more convenient? In addition, the Mega Hopper chamber pre-shreds the ingredients and automatically feeds them into the actual squeezing chamber. With this solution, you can place pre-prepared ingredients in the chamber and start automatically juicing, saving you valuable time.

Explore the latest Hurom H300E slow juicer

Hurom H300e slow juicer

New 2022

The Hurom H300E slow juicer is new for 2022. You'll fall in love with its great design, beautifully crafted body, safe materials and clever technology that is not only simple, even intuitive to use, but also squeezes the best out of fruit and vegetables. You'll use it to make juices, drinks and even milk and sorbets, watching it automatically do all the work for you. No more lengthy peeling and slicing of fruit, tedious washing and compromises. The new Hurom H300E slow juicer, available in up to 5 colour versions, is your new friend to accompany you on your journey into the world of healthy living.

Hurom H300e slow juicer


Innovative integrated slow-squeezing system means you can make juices, your favourite plant milks and sorbets and ice creams in just a few moments. You don't have to think about which part to use to conjure up the best sorbet or change parts after squeezing harder or softer fruit and vegetables. The slow juicer is supposed to work quickly and intuitively, and you're just supposed to enjoy delicious tasting drinks and desserts.

slow juicer Hurom H300e


Our designers follow the latest global trends, which seek to make appliances as simple as possible, while maintaining the best features. This idea is also perfectly evident in the new Hurom H300E slow juicer. The latest ALL-IN-ONE solution replaces the existing auger shaft, external filter, internal filter and ice cream and sorbet attachment. This makes the equipment easier to use at literally every stage of the squeezing process.

Hurom H300e slow juicer


The intelligent cold extrusion system handles all kinds of ingredients perfectly, whether they are pre-shredded or not. This ensures that you don't lose valuable vitamins and minerals that oxidise at too high temperatures. Slow juicers are the best way to painlessly take care of your health, beautiful appearance and excellent well-being.

slow juicer Hurom H300e

Motor with load sensor

The motor automatically detects the pressure inside the chamber to automatically repeat the rotation in the opposite direction if necessary. This way, you don't need to be present during the process, as the machine will manage everything perfectly. The stable squeezing process even when the bowl is completely full without prior preparation and grinding of the ingredients means that any vegetable or fruit juice will be ready in no time. *It is also possible to manually activate the reverse gear if required.

Hurom H300e slow juicer


The intelligent slow juicer squeezes fresh juice from loaded ingredients and stops automatically after 5 minutes of operation. This means you don't have to wait and control the time so you can get on with the things you love to do at your leisure.

slow juicer Hurom H300e


The slow juicer signals the modes of operation with a built-in speaker and illuminated button, so you won't have to guess, always having perfect communication with the device. The colour of the backlight indicates which mode the slow juicer is in: orange indicates reverse mode and blue indicates normal operation of the slow juicer. If the button is not illuminated, this indicates standby mode or the machine is switched off.

slow juicer Hurom H300e


If you open the hopper lid while juicing, insert additional ingredients and close it within 60 seconds, the machine remembers the previous operation and turns on automatically without having to re-enter the settings. This allows you to create and change your juice even as it is being made, letting the creative side of your mind take over.

slow juicer Hurom H300e


The huge 2 litre batch chamber is capable of holding a large amount of ingredients at one time to make the juicing process as easy and quick as possible. Not only is it made of safe materials, it is transparent so that the entire process can be observed. Special grooves on the inside prevent food from being retained and help to squeeze it.

slow juicer Hurom H300e

3X - LARGE 136MM infeed opening

The batch opening is 3 times larger than standard solutions of this type, which oscillate at an average of 45 mm. This solution makes it possible to squeeze juice from whole uncut ingredients of a large size. Squeezing whole apples or beetroot is no longer a problem.

slow juicer Hurom H300e

Variety of squeezed juices

With the new innovative Hurom H300E slow juicer you can squeeze fruit juice from lemons, oranges, blueberries, apples and whatever else you happen to have on hand. Or are you on a juice diet or want to cleanse your body? Prepare celery juice, carrot juice, beetroot juice or greens juice as you watch the best technology squeeze the precious ingredients out of fruit and vegetables.

slow juicer Hurom H300e

Delicious ice cream, sorbets and milks

Nothing is stopping you from trying out recipes for the new nut milk, which will be a compelling tasting addition to oatmeal, breakfast cereal or even coffee. With the new slow juicer, you'll be ready for the summer season - serve up delicious sorbets and ice creams that all children and adults will love, getting the most out of what nature has given us!"

slow juicer Hurom H300e


The Hurom H300E slow juicer is packed with features that make it a pleasure to use. It is equipped with two comfortable carrying handles, taking care of the safety of the machine. The machine also has a removable top cover, for easier access to the inside during the cleaning process. For the first time, there is a detachable power cord: this makes the slow juicer easier to store and clean. The biggest innovation is, of course, the use of the integrated MULTI SCREW system, which is simply rinsed under running water.

slow juicer Hurom H300e

5 sensual colours

Each successive model of the Hurom slow juicer has surprised positively with the amount of new technology, but also with its appearance. The slim, beautiful body is available in a variety of colours to perfectly match other equipment in the kitchen. The latest Hurom slow juicer is available in Matt White , Matt Black, Titanium Gray, Matt Brown, Vivid Red. The meticulously designed and crafted design is resistant to mechanical damage, while the highest quality materials and unconventional finish will appeal to the most discerning users who want only the best appliances in their home.

slow juicer Hurom H300e


The slow juicer won in the white goods category at the prestigious RED DOT DESIGN AWARDS and was also recognised by the GOOD DESIGN AWARD. RED DOT DESIGN is known as one of the most prestigious industry awards for innovative products, which recognises products and designers that set new standards in their industry. GOOD DESIGN AWARD is an award sponsored by the Institute of Design Promotion and awarded to things with excellent design. It is the only comprehensive design recommendation and evaluation system in Japan.

New innovative features of the Hurom H300E

This is not the end of the modern features. The latest Hurom H300E slow juicer also stands out with other innovative features: A built-in loudspeaker that signals the slow juicer's functions and emits warning signals in case of irregularities during operation of the juicer. A state-of-the-art LED backlit on/off switch. Thanks to proven and modern solutions, preparing your favourite multi-fruit or multi-vegetable juice, which used to take a lot of time, will no longer be a problem for you!

  • Automatic reverse gear that engages when the ingredients are too hard.
  • Automatic reverse gear that engages when the ingredients are too hard.
  • Built-in timer that stops juicing after 5 minutes.
  • Built-in speaker.
  • Built-in loudspeaker that signals the functions of the slow juicer and emits warning signals in case of abnormalities during the operation of the juicer.
  • Modern LED illuminated on/off switch on the machine

This is not the end of the modern features. The latest Hurom H300E slow juicer also stands out with other innovative features: A built-in loudspeaker that signals the functions of the slow juicer and emits warning signals in case of irregularities during operation of the juicer. A state-of-the-art LED backlit on/off switch. Thanks to proven and modern solutions, preparing your favourite multi-fruit or multi-vegetable juice, which used to take a lot of time, will no longer be a problem for you!

Explore the Hurom H300E

Hurom H300E - One slow juicer, endless possibilities

Created for more than just juicing. Effortless juices, smoothies, nut milks, ice creams and even minced vegetables. This makes the Hurom H300E slow juicer a multifunctional device that all healthy lifestyle enthusiasts must have on hand. If you enjoy discovering new flavours and recipes, be sure to try making fruit jams, healthy cakes and desserts, oat milk and, of course, vitamin-rich carrot juices with it.

Advanced technology

The new Multi Screw SST slow-speed juicing system combines a screw shaft and innovative filters. This makes the unit easy to take apart to thoroughly clean each individual component. Assembly is effortless, so it can be handled by anyone without wasting valuable time on tedious reading of instructions.

Use nature, naturally

Hurom's slow-speed juicing technology minimises friction and heat to help retain more ingredients for fresh, healthy juice all year round. With the new slow juicer, you'll squeeze juice even from tough beetroot and carrots to create energising smoothies, from tomatoes and cucumbers to deliver essential vitamins to your body, and from herbs, kale, testing recipes for superfoods.

One-stop Juicing System. Intelligent juicing, all ingredients at once!

Step 1 Loading the ingredients

Toss whole fruits and vegetables into the Mega Hopper chamber. You can throw in more pre-prepared ingredients at the same time.

Step 2 Automatic shredding

Unattended, automatic cutting and grinding of ingredients, which are then fed further into the actual extrusion chamber.

Step 3 Automatic Squeezing

The ingredients fed from the chamber are automatically extruded using the Multi Screw auger shaft. The sensor of the slow juicer detects if the vegetables are too hard and automatically starts the reverse gear if necessary.

Step 4 Automatic stopping of the OBJECT

The Hurom H300E juicer is equipped with an automatic timer that stops the motor after 5 minutes, so that when you are not at the machine, the juicer will automatically finish juicing.

Hurom H300 E - Even easier to clean

Can't convince yourself of slow juicers because all the models you know consist of many parts that have to be painstakingly cleaned and reassembling them is always a hassle? The Hurom H300E slow juicer has only three parts to wash. It's easy assembly and disassembly that won't give you any trouble.

Producer code
10 lat
Unique features
Easy cleaning
Ease of use
Pressing whole fruit and vegetables
Automatic reverse gear
Preparing ice cream and sorbet
Non-slip feet
Protection against incorrect installation
Overheating protection
Motor overload protection
Unique features of the engine
Brushless Induction Motor (BLDC)
High torque
Extremely quiet around 50 bB
Very low electricity consumption
10-year manufacturer's warranty on the engine
Construction material
Screw shaft made of durable and safe ULTEM (BPA free)
Squeezing bowl made of Tritan (BPA Free)
Components in contact with juice free from bisphenols (BPA free)
Extrusion technology
Smart Screw SST
Bowl capacity
500 ml
RPM of the sqeezing screw
43 rpm
Housing material
Dimensions (H x W x D)
176 x 286 x 445
6,5 kg
Motor power
Diameter of the feed hole
14 cm
User Manual
Recipe book
Self feeding extrusion chamber
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I'm glad the engine is so quiet. No need to scrub the strainer, bravo Hurom! It can handle hard vegetables without any problems. You can add fruit and vegetables and leave the juicer, you don't have to be afraid that you will forget and it will work all the time, the juicer is protected and will turn itself off after 5 minutes. What will it signal with sound :) Original review (pl): Cieszę się, że silnik jest tak cichy. Zero szorowania sitka, brawo Hurom! Bez problemu radzi sobie z twardymi warzywami. Mozna wrzucić owoce, warzywa i zostawić wyciskarkę nie trzeba się bać , ze zapomnimy i będzie pracować cały czas , wyciskarka ma zabezpieczenie i sama sie wyłączy po 5 min. Co zasygnalizuje dźwiękiem :)
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The Hurom juicer exudes solidity and quality, I feel that it is a product that will last for years. Washing - Easy as ever! Fast and accurate - that's efficiency. Thank you to the HUROM store staff Original review (pl): Wyciskarka Hurom emanuje solidnością i jakością, czuję, że to produkt na lata. Mycie - Proste jak nigdy! Szybko i dokładnie - to jest wydajność. Dziękuje obsłudze sklepu HUROM
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Opinion not confirmed by purchase
I recommend it, it is comfortable, solid and produces valuable nectars
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Opinion not confirmed by purchase
It does the job Original review (pl): Spełnia funkcję
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Opinion not confirmed by purchase
Everything's fine Original review (pl): Wszystko OK
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