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Cleaning products

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Explore innovative cleaning products

In this category you will find cleaning products that are designed to clean fruits and vegetables. The products offered include only natural ingredients: fruit acids, coconut and corn extract, as well as palm oil. The active substances contained in these preparations not only effectively remove contaminants, but also get rid of dangerous bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella, as well as neutralize fertilizer and pesticide residues.

Responding to the needs of our customers, in this category you will find products that fully match your expectations. The offered cleaning products are available in several variants. Order a practical 2-in-1 set, which includes a spray product and a 500 ml concentrate. Already familiar with our products and placing an order again? Then order a practical concentrate with which you will supplement the spray variant you have. Are you shopping with us for the first time? Then bet on the spray variant, which is an excellent base for further purchases.

Check out all the benefits of buying the offered fruit and vegetable cleaners now.