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Juice containers

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We realize that there is not always time to prepare a fresh drink - for this reason we have prepared eco-friendly juice containers. Our offer includes products made of glass and plastic free of harmful substances, such as BPA, dioxin or melamine. Ecology and health were our priorities when we prepared our juicer accessories. For this reason, the juicer juice containers we offer help to keep juices fresher longer and protect them from losing their fragrance and valuable vitamins.

Juice squeeze bottles

In our assortment we offer juice containers of different sizes and interesting design. They allow you to store single servings of juice or a larger supply for the whole family. There are also such juicer juice containers that you can take with you to work or school. They prevent accidental spilling of the drink, because they have a convenient handle. Thanks to the tube, you can also drink while driving, for example, when stopping at traffic lights or in traffic.

For those who want to store juice for a longer period of time, we suggest a vacuum container made of glass. It is easy to wash and durable, as it is made of tempered glass. At the same time, thanks to its tight seal, it prevents oxidation of valuable nutrients. It preserves the attractive taste and smell of beverages and does not allow mold and harmful microorganisms to grow on its surface. Such a vacuum container is a great choice for busy people who only have time to make juice once a day - and want to drink it more often.

The fruit and vegetable juicer available in our offer works on slow speed, so it retains valuable nutrients and guarantees the full taste of the products. All you need to do is match it with the right juice containers to store it or prepare it in an attractive form, for example, with added seeds or ice. The latter will be facilitated by juicer juice containers in the form of shakers. After blending, you can pour the smoothie or other beverage into a jar with a handle and set off to conquer the world with a vitamin bomb in hand.