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Hurom One Stop - the revolutionary slow juicer

HUROM H-AI ONE STOP! Revolutionary slow juicer

Squeezing juice has NEVER BEEN SO SIMPLE

Slice. Toss. Close.

The Hurom H-AI One Stop Juicer is a trend-setting slow juicer. The One Stop technology is a completely new and fresh approach. The principle behind the latest Hurom H-AI One Stop juicer is based on simplicity and ease of juice preparation. Simply fill the hopper (through the largest hopper on the market - up to 12 cm) with fruit or vegetables and switch on the juicer to await the fresh juice. In the meantime, we can enjoy the luxury of making something else while the Hurom One Stop prepares our favourite drink. The quality of the workmanship and design of the juicer puts the competition far behind, and the solutions used produce the highest quality juice possible. Squeezing performance of the Hurom One Stop juicer is, as with previous Alpha Plus models, world class.

Hurom One Stop sets new design trends

The uniform body of the slow juicer Hurom One Stop is distinguished by its simplicity and minimalism. The 4 available colour versions will fit into any kitchen.

The vertical process of extruding ingredients, from the One Stop batch chamber through the auger shaft and bowl to the pulp container. The transparent elements of the Hurom One Stop extruder provide the user with an amazing visual experience.

Hurom One Stop juicer - making the most of space

In the new Hurom H-AI One Stop Juicer, the pulp container is located just below the bowl and forms a single block with the body of the juicer, so the whole thing takes up less space.

Hurom H-AI One Stop - perfection in every way

The elegant design of the Hurom H-AI One Stop squeezer is achieved through the aluminium styled casing and refined components to perfection.

  • Operation of the juicer is via a dial located on the front, which further enhances visibility and convenience of use.
    • The design of the juicer is also a perfect fit.
    • The redesigned non-drip stopper opens more easily and effortlessly.
    • The
    • The "One stop" juicer's feed chamber and pulp container are made of smoked plastic, giving the juicer an elegant look.
    • The vertical bowl + lid of the "One stop"

Second, convenient double chamber

As an option, a second double chamber can be purchased for the Hurom One Stop juicer, which allows products to be continuously put into the juicer. The double chamber can be fitted and removed if required. The two hoppers speed up the insertion of the ingredients and thus the preparation of the juice.

One stop" batch chamber

Crushes ingredients and transfers them to the bowl
Vertical alignment of the elements makes it easier for the pulp to fall

The 3 degree inclined bowl base allows you to collect the juice to the last drop

The basis of the Hurom "One Stop" technology is the spontaneous, automatic transfer of ingredients into the bowl.

  1. The shredder rotates and cuts the ingredients. Two S-Blade blades in an S-shape break up the thrown in ingredients and push down the juicer.
  2. The S-Blade is the most powerful blade in the juicer.
  3. The C-Blade cuts through the ingredients and sweeps the bottom, pushing them progressively downwards.
  4. Two specially shaped openings slant towards the inside of the bowl, facilitating the smooth passage of ingredients.

Practical handle

Allows one-handed carrying of set components and increases the functionality of the bowl and lid set

Built-in safety sensor

The Hurom H-AI 'One Stop' slow juicer will only turn on when the lid is properly and completely closed, ensuring the safety of every user.

Guides to help you optimally fill the chamber with ingredients

Measures located on the chamber determine the maximum amount of products to be placed in the chamber so that the bowl does not overflow.

The gauges are adjusted for different ingredients depending on the juice content.

One-plane extrusion direction!
Easier to use and clean

Pulp is now discharged into a container that sits directly below the bowl.

This allows for easier removal of pulp lingering in the bowl and easier cleaning.

Don't lose even a drop of juice!
Bowl base inclined by 3 degrees

The base of the bowl is inclined at a 3-degree angle, allowing the juice to flow all the way out. There is no need to manually tilt the juicer additionally

Cold extrusion.

Hurom's Slow-Speed Juicing Technology (SST™) preserves the nutritional value in a glass of juice.

Convenient way to prepare healthy Hurom juice from any ingredients.

Easy assembly and disassembly

The new design of the bowl integrated into the drive shaft allows the auger shaft to be easily inserted onto the mandrel. It is no longer necessary to push it through the seal.
Removing the bowl after squeezing the juice is also even easier!

Even easier to clean

Uncomplicated design

Drainage of pulp directly under the bottom of the bowl minimizes pulp build-up in the bowl and makes cleaning even easier.

Removable internal sprocket

The ability to completely remove the internal sprocket facilitates thorough cleaning

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