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Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
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Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1

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Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
Hurom M100 2in1 - wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa i blender 2w1
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Designed for you

The world's first

The world's first slow-running juicer has been developed and patented by Hurom ("Vertical Cold Press Juicers")

Quiet and easy to clean

The quiet motor allows you to start your morning without causing a fuss, and cleaning only takes a few minutes.

Safe juice squeezing

Hurom juice squeezers are 100% BPA-free and have no blades or sharp parts, making them safe for your whole family.

Delicious, unprocessed juice


Slow-speed juicing allows you to extract more juice that retains its flavour and nutritional value for up to 72 hours.

More nutrients, minimal oxidation

Natural auger shaft movement minimises degradation of valuable nutrients, ensuring that the natural flavour and nutritional value of the juice is retained.

Unique combination of a cup blender and slow juicer, the Hurom M100 2in1

Experiment in the kitchen without limits - blend, blitz and squeeze to your heart's content

The unique combination of a cup blender and a slow juicer, the Hurom M100 2in1, gives you unlimited possibilities to experiment in the kitchen. This versatile device allows you to blend, blender and squeeze in one. Whether you want to make smooth fruit smoothies, creamy vegetable soups or fresh juices full of vitamins, the Hurom M100 2w1 is ready for anything.

Experiment without limits and create your own unique recipes by combining different ingredients and discovering new flavours. With the Hurom M100 2in1, you can change modes instantly to suit your cooking needs. Whether you prefer vegan food, fresh cleansing juices or creamy smoothies, this machine is the perfect companion in your kitchen, allowing you to make the most of your creativity and creative approach to cooking.

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the variety of flavours and textures you can achieve with the Hurom M100 2in1. There are no limits - it's up to you to decide what flavour combinations and healthy treats you want to create.

Hurom M100 2w1

Buy a unique design that combines a cup blender and slow juicer. The Hurom M100 2in1 is the only device of its kind on the market that allows you to prepare healthy juice with your favourite flavours, as well as desserts and soups, every day.

The Hurom brand, known for its innovative solutions, has taken care of every detail in the Hurom M100 2w1, providing you with the perfect device. The thoughtful design of this machine is not only functional, but also provides an extremely intuitive operation, supporting your activities in the kitchen.

The design of this machine is not only functional, but also provides an extremely intuitive operation, supporting your activities in the kitchen.

In the base of the Hurom M100 2in1 is a dual hybrid motor that provides excellent performance and versatility. The first motor is an induction brushless drive that efficiently juices fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. Thanks to its slow-speed technology, it retains valuable nutrients and minimises oxidation, providing you with fresh and healthy juices.

The second motor is a high-speed shock drive that allows you to blend a variety of ingredients. This allows you to prepare smooth smoothies, creamy desserts or soups with a silky texture. This dynamic motor supports your creativity in the kitchen, giving you the ability to create a variety of delicacies.

The Hurom M100 2in1 is not only a combination of functionality, but also a harmony between ease of use and excellent results. Whether you want to enjoy healthy juices, prepare tasty desserts or warming soups, this appliance is the perfect companion in your kitchen.

Main benefits of the Hurom M100:

  • blender and slow juicer in one device
  • simple, effective and elegant design
  • innovative hybrid motor

Slow jucier:

  • built-in 2-litre Mega Hopper chamber
  • automatic operation
  • automatic reverse gear


  • 5 practical blender programmes
  • Practical blender programmes
  • chalice cleaning programme
  • Cleaning programme
  • ice crushing
  • durable blades
    • Permanent blades
    • motor with max. 26,500 rpm speed/super power

    Important elements of key SST technology

    The key elements of the key Slow Squeeze Technology (SST) are also present in the Hurom M100. This innovative method of squeezing fresh juices, patented by Hurom, ensures unparalleled quality and performance.

    SST technology uses a ground-breaking slow-speed squeezing technique that gently crushes ingredients using force, and then brings out their full colour, nutritional value and flavour. By using a low speed, the slow jucier minimises oxidation of the ingredients, helping to maintain the freshness and nutritional value of the juices.

    In the SST squeezing process, the ingredients are pushed through a specially designed worm screw that slowly and efficiently separates the juices from the pulp. This precise method ensures that the juices being squeezed are full of nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and minerals, while retaining their natural flavour.

    The SST juicer is an ideal way to ensure that the juices are full of nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and minerals, while retaining their natural flavour.

    Thanks to the SST technology, the Hurom M100 provides you not only with delicious juices, but also with health and well-being. You can enjoy delicious drinks, making the most of nature's bounty and enjoying all the benefits that fresh squeezing has to offer.

    Hurom m100

    Customise the accessories in the kit to suit your preferences

    Optimal squeezing performance in the Hurom M100 Squeezer is made possible by the use of very small gaps between the filter or strainer, which are precisely made in nano units. This advanced technology ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the machine, giving you the ability to tailor the squeezing to your preferences.

    Hurom m100


    One of the accessories you can choose from the Hurom M100 Slow Jucier is the fine filter. It is ideal for straining fibrous roots, stems or leafy vegetables. With this filter, you can enjoy smooth, clear juice that is thoroughly filtered, removing any remaining puree. If you prefer clear juices without pulp, the fine filter will be the perfect choice.

    Basic filter

    The second option is the basic filter, which is used to strain various ingredients such as soft fruit and vegetables. This filter retains the texture of the pulp and allows for more content in the juice. If you like juices with soft chunks of ingredients and want to enjoy their natural texture, the basic filter will be an ideal choice.

    With the ability to adjust the accessories to suit your preferences, the Hurom M100 Slow Jucier gives you the flexibility and ability to tailor the juicing process to your taste and needs. You can enjoy juices that are perfectly tailored to your individual taste and texture.

    Slow-speed juicing, the benefits to your health

    When you reach for the Hurom M100, you are not only investing in delicious and refreshing juices, you are also taking care of your health. Thanks to its slow juicer technology, this juicer offers a host of benefits that translate into delivering wholesome nutrients to your body.

    One of the most important benefits is that the Hurom M100 extracts the last drop of juice from the fruit pulp. This ensures that you benefit from the full potential of the nutrients in the fruit and vegetables. This means that you are providing yourself with the WHO-recommended daily portion of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients that are essential for your health and well-being.

    However, the benefits of slow-speed juicing go even further. The Hurom M100 also helps to reduce organic waste in your home. By using a slow jucier, you extract the maximum amount of juice from your fruit and vegetables, meaning less waste remains in the form of pulp. It's an eco-friendly solution that contributes to reducing food waste and caring for the environment.

    Therefore, by reaching for the Hurom M100, you are not only tasting delicious juices, you are also investing in your health and taking care of the planet. It's a machine that delivers wholesome nutrients and helps to reduce waste, making it the perfect choice for conscious consumers who want a healthy lifestyle and care for the environment.

    The Hurom M100 is the perfect choice for the health-conscious consumer.

    Mega Hopper 2 litre chamber

    Forget the monotonous task of slicing ingredients into tiny fragments. The Hurom M100 2-in-1 slow jucier features a roomy Mega Hopper chamber with an impressive 2-litre capacity. Thanks to this, you don't have to worry about the ingredients being too big or not fitting enough.

    The Mega Hopper compartment is extremely spacious with an opening diameter of 13.9 cm. As a result, you can easily place whole fruits like apples, beetroot or tomatoes in it without having to slice them first. This is a huge convenience that saves you time and effort when preparing your ingredients.

    But that's not all. The Hurom M100 2in1 also has an automatic feeder that will make sure that the juicing process is even more efficient and shortened. This way, you can enjoy delicious and fresh juices in less time, without having to supervise the squeezing process.

    The use of the Mega Hopper chamber in the Hurom M100 2-in-1 Juicer gives you greater convenience, flexibility and time savings. Now you can prepare your favourite juices quickly and effortlessly by placing the squeezed ingredients directly into the chamber. It's perfect for those who value practicality and efficiency in the kitchen.

    Safety at the highest level

    The Hurom M100 2-in-1 slow jucier provides safety at the highest level, thanks to its advanced Smart Juicing System technology. This solution makes the device do everything for you - literally!

    With its Smart Juicing System technology, the Hurom M100 Slow Juicer automatically adjusts its operation to the type of ingredients you are juicing. The machine identifies the ingredients and optimises the juicing parameters, ensuring the best results without the need to manually adjust the settings.

    However, safety is not only about optimal operation, but also about the automatic shut-off function. When you have finished squeezing, the Hurom M100 Slow Jucier will automatically switch off within 5 minutes. This not only saves energy, but also avoids generating additional charges or subjecting the machine to excessive operation.

    With this innovative combination of features, the Hurom M100 2-in-1 Squeezer not only provides you with convenience and excellent juicing results, but also complete safety. You can rest assured that you are using a machine that looks after your interests and provides you with a calm and hassle-free experience in the kitchen.

    Easy to clean wash filters

    Washable filters easy to clean

    With the Hurom M100, you can forget about the stubborn scrubbing of the strainers and the difficulty of cleaning. Thanks to the innovative filters, keeping them clean is extremely easy and fast.

    The filters are easy to clean.

    Just rinse the squeeze filters under running water to remove any residue. This allows you to quickly prepare them for the next use, without the need for extensive cleaning or special tools. This saves you time and makes using the slow jucier even more convenient.

    This ease of filter maintenance means that your Hurom M100 Squeezer will always be ready to go. You don't have to worry about the difficulty of cleaning or the residue left behind, which increases hygiene and ensures the high quality of the juices you prepare.

    The easy-to-clean filters are easy to clean.

    Thanks to the simple filter cleaning process, using the Hurom M100 becomes even more enjoyable. You can enjoy delicious and healthy juices, and then quickly and conveniently clean the machine, ready for the next use.

    Automatic reverse gear

    The Hurom M100 2-in-1 juicer is equipped with an automatic reverse function that ensures reliable operation even in extreme situations. This innovative feature eliminates the risk of jamming, even when squeezing hard ingredients.

    With the automatic reverse gear, the slow jucier automatically changes direction of rotation when it encounters more resistance or tougher ingredients. This gives you the confidence that the machine will be able to handle even tough ingredients such as carrots or beetroot without the risk of blockage or damage.

    The automatic reverse gear function is a great way to ensure that the machine is able to handle even tough ingredients such as carrots and beetroot without the risk of blockage or damage.

    The automatic reverse function is an added safety feature and a guarantee of the reliability of the Hurom M100 2in1 Squeezer. You can rest assured that the machine will handle even difficult ingredients, providing you with a smooth and hassle-free juicing experience.

    The unit is designed to be used as a juicer for all your juicing needs.

    Whether you're juicing tough carrots, fibrous celery or other tougher ingredients, the Hurom M100 2in1 Squeezer is ready for the challenge. With an automatic reverse gear, you can rest assured that the machine can handle even the toughest ingredients without jamming or stopping.

    Compartment filled to the brim with your favourite fruits, vegetables or herbs

    With the roomy batch chamber on the Hurom M100 2-in-1 Juicer, you can enjoy time-saving and convenient juicing. This spacious chamber allows you to put all your favourite fruits, vegetables and herbs inside, which the slow jucier will transform into healthy and delicious juices.

    No more worrying about constantly adding ingredients to the slow jucier. A chamber filled to the brim with your favourite fruit, vegetables or herbs gives you complete freedom and flexibility to create a variety of juices. There is no need to cut or prepare them beforehand - just place them in the chamber and the slow jucier will take care of the rest.

    The two-litre chamber capacity means you don't have to limit yourself in anything. You can experiment with different combinations of ingredients and create your own unique recipes. And the automatic feed mode will do everything for you. The slow jucier will take the ingredients from the chamber itself and process them into delicious juice, while you can just relax and enjoy the end result.

    The picture shows the chamber filled with a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs, which is a great example of making full use of the chamber capacity in the Hurom M100 2in1 Squeezer. Now you can effortlessly prepare juices that will provide you with an abundance of nutrients and flavour, without having to constantly engage in the juicing process.

    Mode sensor

    Built into the base of the Hurom M100 2in1 Squeezer, the mode sensor is a smart feature that makes using the machine even more intuitive and safe. The sensor quickly recognises which set has been placed on the base and automatically selects the appropriate operating programme.

    With this innovative solution, you don't have to worry about selecting the right operating mode manually. The sensor autonomously recognises whether a blending or squeezing set is placed on the base and adjusts accordingly. This is a huge convenience when cooking, eliminating the risk of confusion and ensuring a smooth transition between modes.

    You no longer have to worry about whether you have selected the right programme for a particular activity. The mode sensor on the Hurom M100 2-in-1 Slow Jucier will do it for you. This saves you time and ensures that the machine works according to your needs.

    This innovative solution makes using the Hurom M100 2in1 Squeezer even simpler, safer and more intuitive. The mode sensor allows you to enjoy great results without having to engage in complicated settings or select the mode manually. Now you can focus on creating delicious food and drinks while the machine adjusts itself to your needs.

    When you want to squeeze - Slow juicer

    When you want to squeeze fresh juices using the Hurom M100 2-in-1 Squeezer, you can enjoy the benefits of a slow juicer. Thanks to the specially designed low-speed mechanism, the juicer gently crushes fruit and vegetables, preserving most of the valuable nutrients and minimising oxidation. You get thick and tasty juices, rich in vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

    When you want to blend - High Speed Blender

    However, the Hurom M100 2-in-1 Squeezer is not just a juicer. When you want to blend ingredients into smooth smoothies, creamy soups or sauces, you can use the blender function. Simply swap the slow jucier tip for the corresponding blender tip, and you're ready to create a variety of recipes. With this versatility, the Hurom M100 2-in-1 Squeezer becomes an indispensable tool in your kitchen, delivering healthy juices and satisfying other culinary needs.

    Explore the blending modes of the Hurom M100

    If you value functionality like we do, opt for an innovative slow juicer with a cup blender in one set. The Hurom M100 features a powerful motor with a maximum of 26,500 rpm and six highly durable blades. Effortlessly prepare healthy smoothies, homemade sauces and dips, as well as flavourful ice creams, pastes or hummus in the cup. Don't let your kitchen appliances limit you in any way. Choose an appliance that impresses with its functionality and is easy to use.

    Choose a programme to suit your needs

    The Hurom M100 2-in-1 juicer offers up to 5 different programmes so you can quickly and easily find the one perfectly suited to your needs. This gives you full control over the process of preparing juices and other preserves. Each programme has been precisely designed to ensure optimal results depending on the type of ingredients and taste preferences.

    Additionally, if you prefer to have full control over the process, you can use the manual mode. With it, you have the possibility to adjust the parameters of the juicer or blender according to your preferences. The blender is controlled by an intuitive dial that allows you to fine-tune the speed and consistency of the blended ingredients. This gives you complete freedom to experiment and create your own unique recipes.

    Automatic washing

    The Hurom M100 2-in-1 juicer offers a convenient auto-clean option that makes keeping your machine clean quick and easy. After each use, you can take advantage of this feature, which significantly reduces the time you have to spend on manual cleaning.

    To use the automatic cleaning, simply fill the cup with water and select the appropriate programme. Then the Hurom M100 2in1 Squeezer will carry out a pre-rinsing process, removing any residual ingredients from inside the machine. This step eliminates most of the contaminants, saving you the time and energy needed for thorough cleaning.

    With the automatic cleaning option, you can focus on enjoying your prepared juices and preserves instead of worrying about cleaning the machine. It's a solution that makes the daily care of the Hurom M100 2-in-1 Squeezer much easier and provides you with convenience and hygiene. Once the cleaning process is complete, all that's left for you to do is rinse the cup thoroughly, and you're ready for your next culinary experiments.

    Content of the package:

    • Corpus
    • Squeezing chamber
    • Bowl
    • Auger shaft
    • Internal filter
    • External filter
    • Smoothie filter
    • Pulp container
    • Juice container
    • Pusher
    • Brush
    • Cable
    • Instruction manual
    • Cup
    • Chalice lid
    • Cup cover

    Product description


    The Hurom M100 2W1 is a device that combines the functionality of two essential products: a slow juicer and a cup blender. Particularly noteworthy is the compact size of the base on which the two separate appliances are mounted interchangeably. The slow juicer will perfectly extract juice from fruit and vegetables, while the cup blender will delight you with its soup-cooking, whisking or grinding functions. With the Hurom M100 2in1 you can easily prepare soup, grind poppy seeds or make homemade desserts. We've also taken care of every detail in this model so that its appearance is stunning and its top quality allows for trouble-free use every day. The simple and clever design will work well even in smaller kitchens. And the induction motor in the slow jucier and the high-speed motor in the blender guarantee satisfaction at the highest level. It's up to you to decide when to change the motor mode. Adjust its operation to suit your needs and enjoy endless possibilities with the Hurom M100 2in1!

    Package contents

    • Engine case

      Engine housing

    • Chamber mega hopper

      Mega hopper chamber

    • Squeeze chamber

      Squeeze chamber

    • Snail shaft

      Worm shaft

    • Inner filter

      Internal filter

    • External filter for smoothies

      External filter for smoothies

    • External Juice Filter

      External filter for juices

    • Juice container

      Sauce container

    • Pulp container

      Pulp container

    • Pusher


    • Cleaning brush

      Cleaning brush

    • Power cord

      Power cable

    • Instruction manual AND recipe book

      Instruction manual AND recipe book

    • Cup blender

      Chalice blender

    • Cup lid

      Chalice lid

    Innovative slow juicer technology

    Slow speed ensures that the smallest drop of juice is extracted from the ingredients. In addition, they do not expose it to the loss of important vitamins and minerals, in the process of oxidation. Your juice is your daily dose of health!

    Easy and quick cleaning

    Simple design with an innovative mechanism, in which we have replaced the mesh strainers with longitudinal grooves, make cleaning the appliance literally a matter of minutes.

    Premium functionality

    You'll enjoy preparing tasty smoothies, nut milks, thick sorbets and juices in the slow jucier. And in the blender you can grind poppy seeds, spices and make dessert!
Kod producenta
10 lat
Unique features
Pressing whole fruit and vegetables
Easy cleaning
Ease of use
Automatic shutdown
Automatic reverse gear
Non-slip feet
Protection against incorrect installation
Overheating protection
Motor overload protection
Unique features of the engine
Brushless Induction Motor (BLDC)
High torque
Extremely quiet around 50 bB
Very low electricity consumption
10-year manufacturer's warranty on the engine
Funkcje blendera
Automatyczny program czyszczenia blendera
Program do gotowania zup
Kruszenie lodu
Mielenie ziaren i przypraw
Program do smoothie
Tryb manualny
Construction material
Screw shaft made of durable and safe ULTEM (BPA free)
Squeezing bowl made of Tritan (BPA Free)
Components in contact with juice free from bisphenols (BPA free)
metallic grey
Dominant color
Cup capacity
2 L
Bowl capacity
400 ml
Motor power
Wyciskarka do soków - 200W
Blender - 1000W
Rotational speed
Wyciskarka: 43/50obr./min
Blender: 26500obr./min
Supply voltage / power supply
220- 240 V
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Wyciskarka ( 29,6 x 24,6 x 49 ) cm
Blender (18,6 x 29,6 x 52,8 ) cm
Cable length
1,4 m
14 kg
Engine type
Juice extractor: AC motor
Blender: UAC motor
Diameter of the feed hole
14 cm
Clear juice filter
Thick juice filter
Recipe book
User Manual
Self feeding extrusion chamber
Juice density control lever
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Premium finish, nothing more, nothing less. Squeezing aronia juice in a Hurom juicer means maximum extraction of taste and health benefits. Precise fitting of the elements ensures safety during use.
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Opinia niepotwierdzona zakupem
The choice of high-quality materials in the Hurom juicer gives me confidence that it is a solid product. Original review (pl): Wybór materiałów najwyższej jakości w wyciskarce Hurom daje mi pewność, że to solidny produkt.
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Opinia niepotwierdzona zakupem
Ease of use: The large feeding chute makes it easy to insert ingredients. The Hurom juicer extracts juices with incredible clarity while preserving all the nutritional values. The details of the Hurom juicer are carefully crafted, ensuring a pleasurable user experience. Original review (pl): Łatwość użytkowania: Duży otwór wsadowy ułatwia wstawianie składników. Wyciskarka Hurom wyciska soki o niesamowitej klarowności, zachowując wszystkie wartości odżywcze. Detale wyciskarki Hurom są starannie wykonane, zapewniając tym samym przyjemność użytkowania.
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Opinia niepotwierdzona zakupem
The Hurom juicer is easy to use even for novice users. Whole apples? No problem for this juicer. The quality of the Hurom juicer exceeds my expectations, it is truly premium. I recommend ABSOLUTELY! Original review (pl): Wyciskarka Hurom jest łatwa w obsłudze nawet dla początkujących użytkowników. Całe jabłka? Żaden problem dla tej wyciskarki. Jakość wykonania wyciskarki Hurom przewyższa moje oczekiwania, to prawdziwie premium. Polecam ABSOLUTNIE!
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Opinia niepotwierdzona zakupem
It's even very easy to clean, which is also a big plus, a cool solution in a juicer that I haven't seen anywhere else. May it last a long time Original review (pl): Nawet bardzo fajnie się ją czyści, to też wielki plus, fajne rozwiązanie w wyciskarce którego nigdzie nie spotkałem. Oby posłużyła długo
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