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Hurom H100 - Slow Juicer  - 5 second wash, innovative filters - platinum, H-100-SBEA01
Hurom H100 - Slow Juicer  - 5 second wash, innovative filters - platinum, H-100-SBEA01
Hurom H100 - Slow Juicer  - 5 second wash, innovative filters - platinum, H-100-SBEA01
Hurom H100 - Slow Juicer  - 5 second wash, innovative filters - platinum, H-100-SBEA01
Hurom H100 - Slow Juicer  - 5 second wash, innovative filters - platinum, H-100-SBEA01
Hurom H100 - Slow Juicer  - 5 second wash, innovative filters - platinum, H-100-SBEA01
Guarantee10 lat
Extrusion technologyHurom EASY SST
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Hurom H100 - Slow Juicer - 5 second wash, innovative filters - platinum, H-100-SBEA01

  • Hurom H100 slow-release juicer allows you to prepare delicious and healthy juices from fruits and vegetables. Thanks to the innovative filters, washing the device takes practically 5 seconds - just rinse the filters under running water.
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Designed for you

The world's first

The world's first slow-running juicer has been developed and patented by Hurom ("Vertical Cold Press Juicers")

Quiet and easy to clean

The quiet motor allows you to start your morning without causing a fuss, and cleaning only takes a few minutes.

Safe juice squeezing

Hurom juice squeezers are 100% BPA-free and have no blades or sharp parts, making them safe for your whole family.

Delicious, unprocessed juice


Slow-speed juicing allows you to extract more juice that retains its flavour and nutritional value for up to 72 hours.

More nutrients, minimal oxidation

Natural auger shaft movement minimises degradation of valuable nutrients, ensuring that the natural flavour and nutritional value of the juice is retained.

Hurom H100 Juicer

Slow juicer with an innovative filter, which is made of Ultem (internal filter) and PMMA (acrylic glass) Acrylic Glass) (outer filter). The holes in both filters overlap overlap, creating microscopic slits. The revolutionary filter the revolutionary metal-free filter allows you to make healthy and clear juice. After the juicing process it is enough to rinse under running water. Thanks to this cleaning takes only 5 seconds. The set includes additional filters for smoothie and for grinding.

Wyciskarka do soków H100

Original squeezing technology

Innovative squeezing method

Original state-of-the-art technology with minimised loss of nutritional value, using high pressure squeezing in a slow pressure in a slow-running juicing process.

Hurom slow speed juicers not only produce juices the Hurom slow juicer not only produces juices from fruit and vegetables, but thanks to the use of modern technology the Hurom slow juicer is not only suitable for fruit and vegetable juices, but thanks to the use of modern technology you can also prepare premium products such as the Hurom slow juicer is not only suitable for fruit and vegetable juices but thanks to modern technology you can also prepare premium products such as nut milk, ice cream and sorbets.

The advanced technology

Thanks to specially designed filters with a combination of slots for delicious juices (inner filter and outer filter) external filter).

Easier installation and more efficient juicing efficiency.

Easy to clean

Innovative filter

The internal and external filters are designed to prevent the accumulation of pulp between the slots, making the cleaning quicker and easier to clean.

Now all you have to do is separate the filters from each other and rinse them under the cleaning time has been reduced.

This has reduced cleaning time to just a few seconds.

Wyciskarka do soków H100

Even easier to use new control lever.

The control lever can be adjusted according to the products allows you to squeeze out even more juice!

Free pulp outlet by opening the handle - for easy cleaning even in the most difficult to reach places.

Cleverly designed interior

A simpler interior becomes easy to clean by reducing the accumulation of pulp in hard to reach areas.

The auger shaft is sealed with a silicon gasket to prevent silicone seal prevents the build up of pulp, the silicone seal prevents the build up of pulp, both at the bottom of the bowl and on the underside of the worm shaft.

Easy assembly

Intuitive assembly

Thanks to the square mandrel, assembly is very precise.

Assembling the bowl with the main body is easier thanks to the perfectly the perfectly composed shape.

Wyciskarka do soków H100

Guide grooves

Simple, easy and fast assembly thanks to unidirectional guidance grooves in the top, bottom and centre of the chamber.

The chamber unit can now be assembled in just one movement - by fitting the guide grooves.

New elegant design

Exclusive design

The Hurom slow juicer is not just an ordinary a simple appliance, but also a part of your kitchen. It will perfectly fit in even the most it will perfectly fit into any space, even the most demanding ones.

  • Black Pearl

  • Platinum

  • Wine

Even more slanted chamber

Complete extraction of juice, right down to the last drop thanks to 7-stage incline in the lower part of the cooking cabinet. The juice escapes out of the chamber without having to tilt the juicer.

Wyciskarka do soków H100

Improved double batching chamber

The double bore (the largest ever) allows you to more produce. The right angle and double double opening makes squeezing easier and more comfortable more comfortable.

Wyciskarka do soków H100

Contents of the box

  • Squeezer body

  • Compartment for squeezing

  • Ice cream filter

  • Set of containers

  • Pusher

  • Smoothie filter

  • Juice recipes

  • Cleaning brush

  • Inner strainer

  • Outer filter


Dimensions: 292w x 210d x 462h mm
Weight: 5.3kg
Bowl: Inno-Chamber
Bowl capacity: 350ml
Batch chamber type: Dual hopper (160Ø)
Handle Type: Lift-lever
RPM: 43rpm
Worm: Dual wing
Sippy cup: Square
Filters: Internal filter / External filter / Smoothie filter
Motor: A/C, 90Ø
Voltage / Frequency: 100-230v / 50~60Hz
Motor Power: 150w
Operating time: up to 30 minutes continuous operation
Cable length: 1.4m
Safety sensor type: Micro sensor
Components: Body / Bowl / Juice container / Pulp container / Brush


Charging chamber: ABS
Bowl: Tritan
Body: ABS / SUS304 (Juicy tray)
Auger: PEI (Ultem)
Internal filter: PEI (Ultem)
External filter: PMMA (Acrylic glass)
Pusher: ABS
Brush: ABS
10 lat
Non-slip feet
Protection against incorrect installation
Overheating protection
Motor overload protection
Unique features of the engine
Brushless Induction Motor (BLDC)
High torque
Extremely quiet around 50 bB
Very low electricity consumption
10-year manufacturer's warranty on the engine
Construction material
Screw shaft made of durable and safe ULTEM (BPA free)
Squeezing bowl made of Tritan (BPA Free)
Components in contact with juice free from bisphenols (BPA free)
Extrusion technology
Hurom EASY SSTWięcej

Przełomowa technologia Hurom EASY SST™ - łatwiejsze mycie wyciskarki dzięki zastosowaniu innowacyjnego filtra wyciskającego, pozbawionego metalowego sita.

Bowl capacity
350 ml
Predominant colour
Housing material
RPM of the sqeezing screw
43 obr/min
Motor power
5,4 kg
Clear juice filter
Thick juice filter
Ice cream attachment
Citrus Squeezer
Accessory rack
Recipe book
User Manual
Tofu mold
Unique features
Easy cleaning
Preparing ice cream and sorbet
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10 year warranty

HUROM - only original products.

  • Buy only original products from the Polish distribution of Hurom.
  • Produced under the HUROM warranty.
  • Premium quality - made in South Korea.
  • Make sure you have the highest quality.
  • Register your Hurom squeezer to receive a 10 year parts warranty.



Our Slow juicers are covered by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty*.


*2 years manufacturer's warranty, plus an additional 8 years warranty if you register your product.

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I have had the juicer for a few days and I have been testing it intensively. She is great! It is easy to clean and its operation is very quiet. It's a pity that it doesn't have a larger filling opening and a hole for removing the pulp, because when squeezing juice from celery or oranges it sometimes tends to get clogged. But maybe it's a matter of practice... I highly recommend it! Original review (pl): Wyciskarkę mam od kilku dni i intensywnie ją testuję. Jest świetna! Z łatwością się czyści, jej praca jest bardzo cicha. Szkoda, że nie posiada większego otworu wsadu i otworu do usuwania pulpy, gdyż przy wyciskaniu soku z selera naciowego lub pomarańczy lubi się czasem zapchać. Ale może to kwestia wprawy.. bardzo polecam!
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Opinia niepotwierdzona zakupem
I recommend it 100%, mega professional equipment, cool design, great quality of juices. Original review (pl): Polecam w 100% mega profesjonalny sprzęt, fajny design, super jakośc soków.
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Opinia niepotwierdzona zakupem
Super easy to wash. Nice modern design. Easy to use and fun for a child who is more willing to drink juice if you help prepare it. Original review (pl): Super łatwy do mycia. Ładny nowoczesny design. Łatwy w użyciu i przy okazji frajda dla dziecka które chętniej pije sok jeśli pomaga przygotować.
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Wyciskarka wolnoobrotowa Hurom H100 - Pierwsza na świecie wyciskarka pozbawiona metalowego sita!

Dzięki wprowadzonym w wyciskarce Hurom H100 ulepszeniom, mycie i czyszczenie urządzenia jest wyjątkowo proste i szybkie. 

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