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Citrus squeezers

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In our store you will find practical and professional citrus squeezers from Hurom. The electric squeezers we offer were created as a result of high-tech solutions. Thanks to this, they are characterized by high power, which affects their efficient operation. They are also distinguished by high functionality and convenience of use.

The citrus squeezer is designed for both home and professional use. So it will be perfect for restaurants, hotels, clubs or juice bars. In addition, the professional electric juice squeezers available on are dishwasher safe, so even heavy use will not affect the cleaning process of the device. Citrus juice squeezer is also great as a gift for the home for those looking for an efficient, functional and aesthetically pleasing device that allows you to quickly prepare super juices rich in vitamins. The advantage of juicers for the drink is also an attractive price.

Predominant colour

Electric citrus squeezer ? wide selection of models

Our assortment includes a wide selection of citrus squeezers. Each electric citrus squeezer is made of silver and brushed stainless steel components. The automatic squeezer for oranges, lemons or grapefruit is characterized by very good resistance to corrosion, abrasion and dirt. Thanks to this, the citrus squeezer retains long-term usefulness. In addition, it looks very elegant and is an ornament of the kitchen. With its modern form, the Hurom citrus squeezer perfectly fits both the interior arranged in a classic and contemporary style. In addition, it does not take up much space.

Efficient juicer for juicing fruits and vegetables

The electric citrus juicer also features quiet and efficient operation in the kitchen. It is easy and convenient to use. The clear, intuitive LED panel of the orange squeezer informs you about the working status of the device. Home appliances are distinguished by quick and easy assembly and disassembly. This affects the great comfort of using a professional citrus squeezer.

Functional electric citrus squeezer

Hurom electric citrus squeezer perfectly squeezes juice, guaranteeing its unique taste. It's all due to a special slow-speed squeezing process, during which the fruit fully retains its freshness. The innovatively designed screw shaft of the citrus juicer allows lemons and oranges to be squeezed to the last drop. Meanwhile, the technologically advanced sieve ensures more nutritious yet clear juice. The citrus squeezer's brushes, which rotate in the opposite direction of the auger, serve to perfectly blend the fruit, as well as clean the sieve.

Each citrus juicer we offer is a top-of-the-line household appliance. The originality of citrus juice squeezers is evidenced by special stickers ? HiddenTag. You can find them on all the devices we offer.

Adjusting the density of citrus juice and other features

The citrus juicer is equipped with many practical functions and conveniences, such as adjusting the density of juice or setting the level of juice quantity. Thus, the devices available in our store will provide delicious citrus juice with plenty of vitamins, which will have the right consistency for you. You can choose a clear drink or one rich in pulp.

Citrus Squeezers

We also offer Citrus Squeezers adapted to Hurom brand juicers. You can find models designed for specific models and universal pads. Thanks to them, squeezing lemons will be easier and faster than before. Their installation is extremely simple. Two moves are enough to install the adapters to the squeezer. First remove the bowl, and then apply the Squeezer ? that's it! With these steps you will create a lemon squeezer in a moment, which you will then disassemble in seconds.

The Squeezer overlay is designed for both home and professional use. Squeezer is an indispensable accessory for hotels, bars, fitness clubs, caterers or catering companies.

Squeezer for citrus just like squeezers squeeze the juice to the last drop. However, thanks to their simple design, they are much more convenient to use. To squeeze a lemon, lime, orange, clementine, grapefruit or tangelo, it is unnecessary to use a whole large machine. Citrus almost squeezes itself, so such a simple overlay will save you a lot of time and effort. Put the fruit to the Squeezer, put a vessel under the spout of the adapter and wait for a healthy and refreshing juice full of vitamin C. In addition, this equipment is much easier to clean, just wash the cap.

See the rich offer of our store. In it you will find electric juicers for citrus and other fruits with the best quality on the market. We also offer mini blenders and slow juicers, such as: