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Hurom DU Chef horizontal slow juicer - multifunctional, silver, GI-SBE08
Hurom DU Chef horizontal slow juicer - multifunctional, silver, GI-SBE08
Hurom DU Chef horizontal slow juicer - multifunctional, silver, GI-SBE08
Hurom DU Chef horizontal slow juicer - multifunctional, silver, GI-SBE08
Hurom DU Chef horizontal slow juicer - multifunctional, silver, GI-SBE08
Hurom DU Chef horizontal slow juicer - multifunctional, silver, GI-SBE08
Hurom DU Chef horizontal slow juicer - multifunctional, silver, GI-SBE08
Hurom DU Chef horizontal slow juicer - multifunctional, silver, GI-SBE08
Guarantee10 lat
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Hurom DU Chef horizontal slow juicer - multifunctional, silver, GI-SBE08

  • The modern design and the multitude of possibilities of the Hurom DU Chef multifunctional free-rotating juicer have contributed to distinguishing the model from other horizontal juice squeezers.
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Hurom DU Chef horizontal slow juicer - multifunctional, silver, GI-SBE08
Hurom DU Chef horizontal slow juicer - multifunctional, silver, GI-SBE08
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Designed for you

The world's first

The world's first slow-running juicer has been developed and patented by Hurom ("Vertical Cold Press Juicers")

Quiet and easy to clean

The quiet motor allows you to start your morning without causing a fuss, and cleaning only takes a few minutes.

Safe juice squeezing

Hurom juice squeezers are 100% BPA-free and have no blades or sharp parts, making them safe for your whole family.

Delicious, unprocessed juice


Slow-speed juicing allows you to extract more juice that retains its flavour and nutritional value for up to 72 hours.

More nutrients, minimal oxidation

Natural auger shaft movement minimises degradation of valuable nutrients, ensuring that the natural flavour and nutritional value of the juice is retained.

Hurom DU Chef Black Mat- multifunctional juicer

Hurom DU horizontal juicer was designed with attention to every detail. Modern design and classic platinum color make the Hurom DU juicer will perfectly fit into space. Modern design and a multitude of possibilities has contributed to distinguishing the model from other horizontal juicers.

The perfect juicer

Hurom DU Chef is an ideal juicer for juicing green products such as: kale, spinach, wheat grass wheat grass. It can also easily handle squeezing hard and soft fruits and vegetables hard and soft fruits and vegetables.

Pressing technology

Hurom DU Chef is a slow-running juicer ( 64 rpm. ) without metal blades, thanks to which we avoid the following oxidation process and loss of valuable nutrients nutrients. Juice from the Hurom DU juicer stored in a cold place the Hurom DU juicer can be stored in a cold place and retains its freshness, taste and nutritional value for up to up to 48 hours after squeezing.

Squeeze control

The transparent tube, opening and lid allow you to the transparent tube, intake opening and lid allow you to observe the entire squeezing process to the finished juice.

Easy assembly

Assembly is even easier than before, simply simply fit the squeeze chamber to the body and turn the ring to the closed position.

Vertical motor

The distinguishing feature of the Hurom DU Chef model is the use vertical motor in a horizontal extruder.

Thanks to this the juicer has gained a new shape and occupies even space than its predecessors.

Not only a juicer

Hurom Du Chef is a 4-in-1 juicer which thanks to additional accessories have the following functions:

  • squeezing juices from fruits and vegetables. Squeezing milk almond milk, soy milk and coconut milk;
  • making healthy desserts, ice creams, sorbets, nut butters nut butters;
  • grinding soya, poppy seeds, cheese, spices and herbs;
  • prepare and shape pasta - 4 included tips for 4 different thickness pasta tips included.


Fresh fruit juices are a source of vitamins and minerals. They contain natural fibre and drinking them regularly lowers cholesterol cholesterol, cleanses the body of toxins and increases the general immunity of the immunity of the human body. Fruit juices are a source of energy and are part of a balanced, healthy diet.


Vegetable juices are not as popular as fruit juices, but their regular drinking helps to keep our health in great shape shape. Properly squeezed juices from vegetables can be a prescription for many ailments. Freshly squeezed vegetable juices work on almost the same principle as a large number of medicines but they do not burden the body. Vegetable juices provide a complete balance and increase the the quality of our immune system.


Just prepare frozen fruit and make your favourite ice cream. This is a great way to encourage children to consume more of the fresh fruit form that they love.


One appliance and many functions. In addition to squeezing juices in the hurom DU Chef juicer you can also prepare and shape delicious delicious pasta, all thanks to 4 pasta nozzles

Peanut butter / milling

By installing the full screen in the Hurom DU Chef juicer you can easily peanut butter is a rich source of vitamin B3, E, protein, arginine and amino acids.


Mousses prepared in a slow juicer are not only delicious and yet the fruit and vegetables do not lose lose their nutritional values during the squeezing process.


Herbs strengthen the immune system and have healing properties. Herbs in the juice not only affect the taste, but above all, they have a great influence on our body, first of all first of all, they cleanse and deacidify it, and freshly squeezed juice with freshly squeezed juice with herbs is usually added to tea or heated and drunk as an as an infusion.

Contents of the set

  • Body with motor
  • Chamber
  • Worm shaft made of Ultem
  • 2 sieves (perforated and solid)
  • Pulp outlet cover
  • Pasta attachment with practical storage container accessories
    • for thick pasta
    • for thin pasta
    • for flat pasta
    • for round pasta
  • Cleaning brush
  • Pusher
  • Juice container
  • Pulp container

Producer code
10 lat
Non-slip feet
Protection against incorrect installation
Overheating protection
Motor overload protection
Unique features of the engine
Brushless Induction Motor (BLDC)
High torque
Extremely quiet around 50 bB
Very low electricity consumption
10-year manufacturer's warranty on the engine
Construction material
Screw shaft made of durable and safe ULTEM (BPA free)
Squeezing bowl made of Tritan (BPA Free)
Components in contact with juice free from bisphenols (BPA free)
Extrusion technology
Hurom SST™ horizontal
Motor power
Housing material
Dimensions (W x D x H)
424 x 163 x 345 mm
6 kg
RPM of the sqeezing screw
64 rpm
RPM of the silicon brush
Not applicable
Unique features
Grinding grains and spices
Preparing ice cream and sorbet
Superior performance
Zajmuje mało miejsca w kuchni
Extensive range of accessories
Idealny do wyciskania zieleniny (bez zapychania)
Funkcja mielenia
Przystawki do makaronów
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10 year warranty

HUROM - only original products.

  • Buy only original products from the Polish distribution of Hurom.
  • Produced under the HUROM warranty.
  • Premium quality - made in South Korea.
  • Make sure you have the highest quality.
  • Register your Hurom squeezer to receive a 10 year parts warranty.



Our Slow juicers are covered by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty*.


*2 years manufacturer's warranty, plus an additional 8 years warranty if you register your product.

Opinions about Hurom DU Chef horizontal slow juicer - multifunctional, silver, GI-SBE08

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Automatic juicing makes using the juicer easy and convenient. It takes up little space, perfect for me. The greens juiced by the Hurom juicer turn into delicious and healthy juices of perfect quality. Original review (pl): Automatyczne wyciskanie sprawia, że korzystanie z wyciskarki jest proste i wygodne. Zajmuje niewiele miejsca, idealna dla mnie. Zielenina wyciskana przez wyciskarkę Hurom zamienia się w pyszne i zdrowe soki o idealnej jakości.
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Opinion not confirmed by purchase
I expected a top-shelf product. I am disappointed. The carrot must be cut at least in half lengthwise because the machine stops. I'm afraid to put beets in there. Product marketing above the norm.... Original review (pl): Spodziewałem się produktu z górnej półki. Zawiodłem się. Marchewkę trzeba pokroić przynajmniej na pół wzdłuż bo maszynka się zatrzymuje. Boję się włożyć tam buraki. Marketing produktu ponad normę ....
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Opinion not confirmed by purchase
The precise fit of the Hurom juicer's components prevents juice leaks and loss of ingredients. The details of the Hurom juicer are carefully crafted, ensuring pleasure of use. Hurom juicer - irreplaceable for homemade ice cream and sorbets made of natural ingredients. Original review (pl): Precyzyjne dopasowanie elementów wyciskarki Hurom zapobiega wyciekom soku i utratom składników. Detale wyciskarki Hurom są starannie wykonane, zapewniając tym samym przyjemność użytkowania. Wyciskarka Hurom - niezastąpiona do domowych lodów i sorbetów z naturalnych składników.
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Opinion not confirmed by purchase
The waste is bone dry. Easy to clean, takes up little space, the feed opening is a bit too small, but it doesn't affect its use. Original review (pl): Odpadki są suche na wiór. Latwa w czyszczeniu, zajmuje mało miejsca, trochę za mały otwór wsadowy, ale i tak to nie przeszkadza w użytkowaniu.
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Opinion not confirmed by purchase
Instant washing after work - priceless! The Hurom juicer extracts juice from whole fruits and vegetables, saving time. The engine is very quiet and does not disturb the peace. Original review (pl): Błyskawiczne mycie po zakończeniu pracy - bezcenne! Wyciskarka Hurom wyciska soki z całych owoców i warzyw, oszczędzając przy tym czas. Silnik jest bardzo cichy, nie zakłóca spokoju.
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