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Hurom prezentuje nową technologię Alpha Plus

Hurom, in cooperation with the well-known Italian design studio Giugiaro Design, has developed two new models of limited edition juicers. The Hurom H-AE and Hurom H-AF are distinguished by their unconventional design and accents reminiscent of automotive components.

The new models of the juicers are not only a new design. These are the first models made with the latest Hurom Alpha Plus technology

The new technology introduces a second, lateral and, most importantly, larger feed opening through which larger pieces of fruits and vegetables can be inserted into slow juicer than before. This opening is connected to the platform, which is inclined at a 4% angle, making it much faster to place small, round fruits into the juicer.

The new bowl design minimizes pulp buildup and makes it easier to install and remove components slow juicer.

Learn more about Hurom Alpha Plus technology.

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Hurom HZS Alpha Plus Slow Juicer silver HZ-SBE19 Promocja

Hurom HZS Alpha Plus Slow Juicer silver HZ-SBE19

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