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How to make cabbage juice

How to make cabbage juice

The juice of pickled or fresh cabbage is very popular. You can make it even when you don't have a juicer. Moreover, the preparation of juice from cabbage does not take much time and you can definitely improve the the work of the entire digestive system. In addition, the juice tastes great, and numerous recipes allow you to choose the most suitable one for us.

Advantages of fresh cabbage

What makes it so good to eating cabbage? The properties of this vegetable have a positive effect on our entire body. If you want to strengthen the work of the entire digestive system digestive system then this will be an excellent choice. Among the benefits of raw cabbage can not be overlooked numerous vitamins, especially vitamin C.

If you are betting on health you do not however, you need to eat only raw cabbage. A good choice is also cabbage juice, which you can make even without a juicer. By doing so, you will improve work not only of the digestive tract, but also of the liver or intestines intestines. Even people with cancer can drink cabbage juice.

How to make juice from raw cabbage

Why is white cabbage juice so beneficial for the body? Not only does it contain numerous vitamins, but is also a great addition to dishes. Its beneficial properties for the body are numerous, and to achieve them it is enough to drink the juice once or twice a day. Recent studies show that cabbage juice improves the function of the stomach and the entire body. Thanks to the content of numerous vitamins, it has properties that comprehensively take care of your health.

What do you need to make juice from cabbage? All you need are a few readily available ingredients to quickly way to take care of your health. Websites are full of numerous recipes. The main thing is to choose one that has the best taste. We suggest a simple cabbage juice that does not contain sulfur. Betting on simple articles you need:

  • half a kilo of cabbage - preferably hard with a compact form;
  • half a liter of water.

If you want to improve the taste add also a portion of salt. Then place the freshly cut cabbage in the blender cup. Remember that for half a kilo of raw cabbage is equal to two cups of water. Blend the whole thing so that there are still small pieces of cabbage are still visible.

Do you want fresh juice? If so then don't use a jar. Strain the finished juice through a strainer right away, This way you have ready-made juice that you can drink after preparation.

If it also suits you most, add a comment under the article.

Sauerkraut juice - properties for health and recipe

Want to know how you should make cabbage to enjoy the juice not only after its preparation? You can drink sauerkraut juice not only raw. Just jar to enjoy your favorite juice more often and drink it always when we feel like it. To do this, however, remember to thoroughly scalding the jar.

Put fresh cabbage juice into the jar. If you like a salty taste, add 1-2 teaspoons of salt. Product store at room temperature. Cap the jar and patiently wait for the sauerkraut juice to make. The minimum time wait is 72 hours.

Sauerkraut juice from a juicer slow-speed

We can also make cabbage juice in a quick and easy way using a slow-speed juicer. The selection of ingredients largely depends on individual preferences taste. For some, cabbage alone is enough, while others are not fond of the its natural flavor. What fruits or vegetables can be added to make its taste better? The most popular are carrots, apple and citrus fruits.

Before proceeding to make juice of cabbage using a slow-speed juicer, it is a good idea to decide on the type of cabbage. After all, both red and white, but their properties are different. White cabbage juice has the most vitamin U. On the other hand, from red is the best antioxidant.

Below is a sample recipe for red cabbage juice. To make it you need:

  • 1/2 a small head of red cabbage or a quarter of a medium head
  • 1/2 a pineapple
  • 1 small lime with a bit of zest (for added flavor)
  • an optional sprig of fresh herbs like basil or cilantro, for added adding flavor.

Making the juice itself is simple, all you have to do is cut the vegetables and fruits into pieces that will fit into the the outlet of the juicer. Then insert alternately individual ingredients to enjoy fresh and healthy juice.



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