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How to squeeze orange juice? Orange juice recipe


These juicy and sweet fruits are beloved by people all over the world. They delight with their intensity of color, contain a huge portion of vitamin C and taste great. In the world, oranges have been cultivated for more than 4,000 years. Appreciate the properties of this unique fruit, which belongs to the rutaceae family, and prepare at least one glass of juice from it every day.

Check out how to squeeze orange juice. Do you love the taste of sweet and sour oranges? Check out how to squeeze juice from them. Learn the best orange juice recipe.

Want to squeeze juice from an orange?

First get acquainted with this juicy fruit. To make delicious and healthy orange juice, you first need to get your hands on this popular fruit. Since they are known and loved almost all over the world, manufacturers make sure that fresh supplies of oranges to the stores come straight from Greece, Italy and Spain. It is these countries in Europe that have the right climate for growing these fruits, and trees with fresh fruit can be found there not only in plantations. Indeed, they also grow in gardens and city parks.

Popular countries where oranges are grown also include the United States and Brazil. There is also no shortage of plantations in African Morocco. To make orange juice, you first need to stock up on these delicious and sweet, and sometimes sweet and sour fruits. It is worth knowing that in European stores we most often deal with a variety of Citrus Sinensis, referred to as Chinese orange. It is characterized by a sweet taste, coloring in an intense orange color, and one fruit weighs about 230 g.

Deciding to eat one medium-sized orange will provide your body with about 110 calories.

Why should you enrich your diet with homemade orange juice?

The taste and nutritional properties of oranges were appreciated many years ago not only by the inhabitants of southern Europe, but also by other highly developed countries. And for good reason! One fruit contains a handful of essential nutrients for our body.

One medium-sized orange contains vitamin C, B vitamins and beta-carotene. The white membranes, which slightly alter the taste of the fruit, are an excellent source of flavonoids and fiber, and it is these that support the effects of vitamin C on the human body. It is also worth knowing that oranges produce orange oil, which has a calming, antidepressant and sedative effect.

For the above reasons, we have no doubt that preparing orange juice with a slow juicer is a real portion of health!

We check, is it possible to squeeze orange juice without a juicer?

At the outset, it is worth noting that squeezing orange juice without a juicer is possible, but it is also time-consuming and requires some patience. If you do not already own a slow juicer, you can use the simplest way. It involves rolling the fruit on the kitchen counter in such a way as to release all the juice from the fruit's structures. Of course, there is no chance that you will be able to do this precisely and thus produce a whole jug of orange juice. However, you can use it to, for example, enrich your favorite salad dip.

The second way is to use a manual citrus squeezer. This way is definitely more effective, but it requires the purchase of this accessory, which consists of two components: a stand and a conical extension, on which you "scoop" the fruit to squeeze all the juice out of it.

Keep in mind that these two ways cause a significant part of the fruit to go to waste. You won't be able to extract all the juice by hand, and the squeezed orange will no longer look aesthetically pleasing, so there's little chance of eating the leftovers.

Which juicer can cope with the preparation of juice from squeezed oranges?

There are many types of juicers on the market. However, not all of them allow you to prepare healthy and, above all, wholesome orange juice. The best models are those we refer to as slow-speed juicers. Thanks to the fact that the motor does not generate heat during operation, the whole process is carried out "cold". And this results in the juice containing all the nutrients that occur naturally in this delicious fruit.

Your orange juice recipe.Learn our recipe for orange juice from a slow-speed juicer.

When you decide to buy a Hurom slow-running juicer, you minimize labor and optimize nutritional levels. These devices feature automatic operation, numerous sensors and a large feed opening, which makes slicing fruit unnecessary.

  1. 1 Peel the fruit from the peel by hand or with a knife.
  2. place the oranges in the batch chamber of the Hurom slow-speed juicer.
  3. start the device.
  4. wait 3 minutes for the juicer to prepare your favorite juice.
  5. Enjoy the delicious and healthy orange juice!

How to squeeze orange juice and what to combine it with?

Squeezing orange fruit juice is child's play and requires no special skills. What's more, you can combine this fruit with others to enhance or neutralize the flavor of these fruits a bit. Here are the most common fruits that taste delicious with oranges. These are our TOP 3:

#1 Orange juice with grapefruit

#2 Orange juice with banana

#3 Orange juice with apple

Summary: Use our experience and get the best recipe for delicious orange juice!

Ensure a healthy diet that is enriched with natural ingredients to avoid consuming artificially manufactured supplements. Take advantage of the potential of the slow juicer, which will make this task easier and reduce the time spent on juicing every day. Play with flavors and mix them freely to discover your favorite combinations. The world always seems more beautiful in orange!

If you still don't have a modern slow juicer, explore our offer and choose a model that impresses with its design and functionality. But remember, this choice will not be easy! If you need help, contact our representative, who will help you select a device to suit your individual preferences.

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