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Ingredients for spring juices - Pineapple

As the thaw begins, pineapple offers an invigorating taste of warmer days to come. A great source of vitamin c and manganese, it is also a very good source of copper and good sources of vitamin B1, B6, fibre, folic acid and pantothenic acid pantothenic acid. Rich in digestion-activating enzymes, pineapple helps you in waking up your body quickly from the winter slumber. Invigorate your juice with pineapple, dandelion leaves and parsley to create a digestion-boosting tonic.

Interesting fact

The flesh at the base of the pineapple is softer and sweeter.



Bromelain is a mixture of compounds that can be found in the stem and core of the pineapple. The best studied component is a a group of protein-digesting enzymes called cysteine proteases, which not only aid digestion, but also reduce inflammation and improve blood clotting. Remember when making juice to throw in to enjoy the purifying effects of bromelain.

Vitamin C

Pineapple is another fruit rich in vitamin C, which is great protects against free radicals that contribute to clogged arteries, asthma attacks and the destruction of colon cells. It's supplement to improve immunity, which is especially important in spring, when the body is weakened by airborne allergies and changes weather.


Manganese is a micronutrient that plays an important role in several antioxidant enzymes, which are key in the production of energy. It helps eliminate free radicals within the mitochondria making the energy centres more efficient.
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