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Juices to help fight Atopic Dermatitis

Juices to help fight Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a a genetic disease strongly linked to food and inhalant allergies. People suffering from it suffer from dry and cracked skin, often covered with red patches. In addition to treatment with ointments and an elimination diet, you can help yourself with the right juices. They will provide the necessary vitamins to speed up the regeneration of the skin.

Diet of people with AD

Atopic dermatitis, due to its genetic background, it is an incurable disease. What does not mean, however, that sufferers suffering from the disease must constantly struggle with bothersome and itchy patches on the skin. It is possible to mute this disease, and the way to do this is to among other things, a proper diet.

Unfortunately, this is not a diet with strict rules, that will work perfectly in every case. Eczema skin lesions are often a response to the ingestion of an allergen. Among the most common include cow's milk protein, eggs, soy, peanuts, fish, tomatoes, citrus or gluten products. In addition, many people may also have a cross allergy and react as strongly to pollen from birch trees as they do to apples.

Hence, the first step is to know your own allergens and eliminate them from your diet as soon as possible. However, it is worth doing this under the guidance of a specialist.

The latest research on AD, however, lists nutrients that support patients' fight against dry and flaky skin. Many of these have their source in fruits and vegetables. And the best way to provide them to the body is through juices from a juicer slow-speed juicer. Thanks to this device you can compose the composition of your juices yourself and adjust it to your taste preferences and at the same time avoid ingredients allergenic ingredients.

Nutrients to help fight disease

People with AD should pay particularly close attention to attention to highly processed foods. The high amount of chemicals and preservatives in food is one of the reasons why AD is so often so often diagnosed. As a base for meals and juices, one can choose hypoallergenic products that have the least potential for allergenicity. These include vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, brussels sprouts, lettuce, pumpkin, cucumbers, celery, beets, turnips, and of fruits: apples, pears, bananas, berries, apricots. From among these ingredients it ispossible to create many recipes for juices from a juicer.

However, it is worth supplementing this base with a few additional ingredients.

Vitamins A, E

Both vitamins improve the condition of the skin and its hydration. They also take part in the regulation of water and mineral metabolism water and mineral metabolism. In addition, vitamin E is an antioxidant, which protects against free radicals that cause inflammation. Both vitamins can be found in vegetable oils, nuts and green vegetables. Delicious green juices should be a regular item in the diet of people with AD.


Probiotics are strains of bacteria that positively affecting human health. Among other things, they act to improve immunity and relieving inflammation. According to recent studies regular administration of probiotics can not only alleviate the symptoms of AD, but also reduce the risk of its occurrence in children genetically burdened with this possibility.

Omega-3 fats

Omega-3 fats are extremely desirable in everyone's diet. For people suffering from AD, a valuable their property is calming inflammation and accelerating the regeneration of the skin. It is therefore worth using them directly on the skin, as well as from the inside. Their sources include flaxseed seeds, chia seeds, walnuts or almonds. All the ingredients will be an excellent addition to healthy and thick juices.

Healthy juices from a juicer slow-speed

For preparation of fresh juices will be best done with a juicerfor fruits and vegetables. It is important that they are also adapted to squeezing juice from leafy vegetables. These are the ones that will be a regular ingredient of drinks recommended for people with AD. An important feature is also adjusting the density of the juice. Typically, vegetable juices taste better taste better when they are denser. In addition, you can add spices and additives in the form of seeds.

For preparation of this type of juices, the Easy Plus squeezers from the Easy Plusseries. They will serve you to prepare clear juices from hard vegetables, as well as a thick smoothie from soft fruits. An example is the juicer HUROM H200 All in One. It is not only easy to use, but also easy to clean. You will easily prepare in it your favorite juices.

Juice compositions for people with AD:

  • Apple,
  • Parsley
  • Cucumbers

Preparation: divide apples into smaller parts, you do not need to peel them from the skin, but cucumbers are better to peel. Also add parsley with sprigs, not leaves alone.

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers

Preparation: peel the carrots and cucumbers from the peel and squeeze out the juice. Then put the vegetables into the juicer leafy vegetables. You can season the juice with your favorite spices and salt.

To juices of green vegetables you can also add a bit of vegetable oils vegetable oils, such as flaxseed, which will further enrich them with valuable Omega-3 fats.Juices prepared in this way are an excellent addition to any meal of people with AD.



HUROM H200 All in One Matte Grey Slow Juicer

HUROM H200 All in One Matte Grey Slow Juicer

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HUROM H200 All in One Gloss Red Slow Juicer

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HUROM H200 All in One White Matt Slow Juicer

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HUROM H200 All in One Baby Pink Slow Juicer - Colour Pink

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