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Personal blender - what does it mean?

Personal blender - what does it mean?

Personal blender - what is it?

Have you heard the name: personal blender and are wondering what it means? We already explain! A personal blender is a device in which the blending container is also a bottle from which you can drink. Just put on the lid with a mouthpiece to take it with you to work, school or on a trip. No more tiresome pouring the smoothie into another vessel. With the Personal Blender, you won't spill a drop of drink either, because the container is equipped with a durable seal. This ensures maximum tightness and gives you the assurance that the drink will not spill.

The personal blender shreds, mixes and grinds the products in the container. This makes it a great replacement for a blender or knife. What else distinguishes a personal blender? First of all, it's a big time saver. Thanks to it, preparing your morning smoothie will be quick and easy. Using a blender also reduces the number of dishes to wash. You only need to wash one container.

Thepersonal blender consists of:

  • a module with a motor,
  • a container or containers for blending,
  • blades mounted in an attachment that screws onto the container.

Application of personal blender

Personal blenderis an equipment for active people, for whom a healthy lifestyle is most important. Thanks to it, you will take care of dietary variety and well-being. It is also the right equipment for busy people who do not have time to prepare a snack during the day. It will take you just a moment to make a smoothie from banana, avocado, milk and cocoa, and after screwing on the container, you will take it with you anywhere.

You already know: personal blender - what it is, now it is worth explaining what it is used for. With its help you will prepare delicious and healthy smoothies, smoothies or shakes from fruits and vegetables. However, that's not all! The blender can also be used to grind nuts or grains, as well as green plants. It's a versatile equipment that will blitz everything you need. With its help you will make not only smoothies, but also sauces and even face masks.

8 reasons to buy a personal blender

Wonderingif it's worth buying a hand blender? Especially for you, we have prepared a list of the most important advantages of a personal blender to help you decide.

  • Multiple uses - with its help you will create not only delicious drinks, but also grind nuts or make a nourishing face mask.
  • Quick operation - it will take only a few minutes to create a drink.
  • Easy operation - just press one button to enjoy a tasty and healthy smoothie.
  • Containers - many blenders are equipped with several containers of different sizes, so you can adjust the size of the bidon to your needs.
  • Transportation cap - thanks to the cap, your drink will not spill when you take it with you to work or school.
  • Takes up little space - personal blenders are much smaller devices than cup models. As a result, they will fit even in a small kitchen.
  • Easy cleaning - to clean the blender, you only need to wash the blade and the container.
  • Healthy and delicious smooth ies - healthy smoothies are an opportunity to take care of yourself and your well-being.

Personal blender - the most important parameters

Do you want to buy a personal blender? When choosing one, it is worth carefully tracking the technical parameters. This will help you choose a device that is not only effective, but also one that will stay with you for many years. So pay attention to: power, blades, material of construction, handling and accessories.


High power of the device affects its better performance. The higher it is, the easier the blender can handle tough products. However, in the case of a personal blender, the power doesn't have to be high, as it mainly makes smoothies on a daily basis. In most cases, 150 watts is enough.


The most important part of a personal blender is the blades. If they are of high quality, the device will serve you for many years. So it is worth deciding on stainless steel blades.

The second important issue is the number and shape of the blades. Good personal blenders have 4 blades of multi-dimensional design. Thanks to this, the device will thoroughly grind any product.

Material of construction

It is worth paying attention to the material from which the device is made. Choosing Tritan, you can be sure that the blender does not contain harmful BPA bisphenols. In addition, it is a modern material that is resistant to damage and high temperatures.


Anyone can handle the operation of personal blenders. Most devices have only one button. As a result, you don't have to set or program anything. However, if you want more control over the power of the device, choose a device in which it can be changed.


Every personal blender comes with at least one container in which to blend products. However, it's worth looking for a model that comes with several bins of different sizes. This way you can easily adjust its size to your current needs.

What kind of personal blender to buy?

Finally, we decided to introduce you to two interesting personal blenders that you can find on our site.

  • Hurom Mini Personal Blender - despite its small size, it has a powerful motor. It also features multi-dimensional stainless steel blades and a convenient START/STOP button. It is made of Tritan, so it does not contain harmful BPA bisphenols.
  • NUTRI FUSION 0.75 L BLENDER (MORPHY RICHARDS) - has two speed settings and a pulse blending option. It will crush ice or frozen fruit with no problem.

Check out our offer and choose the perfect personal blender!

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Hurom Mini Personal Blender

Hurom Mini Personal Blender

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