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Cup blender or hand blender - which one to choose?

Cup blender or hand blender - which one to choose?

People who want to start a healthy lifestyle often wonder which blender to choose - a cupblender or a handblender? Although the function of these devices is almost identical, both models have their supporters. Some customers are mainly guided by price, thinking that a more expensive device will certainly be better. This is not always a good way to go. Above all, the equipment should meet your needs and fit your lifestyle. Want to know which blender to choose? Read our article.

Cup blender or hand blender?

If you're not sure which blender to choose - a hand blender or a cup blender, take a look at our short overview. To help you make the right choice, we have compiled all the main advantages and disadvantages of these two devices.

Cup blender

A cup blender has much more power than a hand blender (up to 1800 watts). What does this mean? You can use it to grind even extremely hard items (for example, chickpeas or peas). Some people even grind coffee beans in it, so you get a unique aroma when brewing each cup of small black.

To make a smoothie or cream soup, all you have to do is press a button and the blender will grind all the products itself. So it is almost completely maintenance-free. You also don't have to worry about the contents spewing out of it - the cup is completely covered, so nothing will come out of it while blending.

Cup blenders look very aesthetically pleasing, so they look great on a countertop in a large kitchen. Unfortunately, they are also quite large in size, so they don't always work well in smaller interiors. Cleaning them can be a bit more problematic than with hand blenders, so we recommend soaking the cup right after use. Cup blenders are also generally more expensive than other models.

Hand blender

A hand blender is ideal for small kitchens. It takes up little space and you can keep it in a drawer or even take it with you when you go on a trip. In addition, you can buy most models for little money.

A hand blender has less power than a cup blender (from 300 to 900 watts), but this is not a disadvantage. If you want to use it primarily for blending soft fruits, you do not need more power. Unfortunately, such a model may not cope with grinding spinach or kale.

A hand blender - as the name says - should be held in your hands at all times. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the contents splash out of the vessel, dirtying the countertop, tiles and the user's clothes in the process. Holding the blender in your hands also has its advantages. You can blend items without lining them up with a bowl or pot. After preparing the meal, just detach the attachment and rinse it with water.

Which blender for different types of products?

Before choosing the best appliance, consider first what kind of meals you want to use it for. Athletes and diet-conscious people will probably use it to prepare healthy shakes and smoothies. Which blender - a cup blender or a hand blender - will work best in this case? If you are going to prepare drinks from bananas, strawberries or oranges - both devices will be suitable. However, a hand blender may not thoroughly blend tough vegetables like carrots or celery.

Blenders are great for all cream soup lovers. you can use any type of blender, but a handheld one will be much more convenient. With it, you will blend the ingredients directly in the pot. Pouring the soup into a cup and then back into the pot is more time-consuming, and you're left with more dishes to wash when you're done cooking. If you are preparing dinner for several people, you should also expect that it won't fit in the blender, so you will have to blitz it in batches.

A good blender is also essential for preparing peanut butter, What model will work best? In this case, there can be only one answer. Only a high-quality cup blender will have enough power to grind nuts perfectly.

Many people prepare meals that they take with them to work, school or the gym in a blender. What device will work best for this function? Certainly, both the handheld and cup variants will be a good choice, but the best option will be a personal blender. What is it? This is a device in which a bidon replaces the traditional cup. So you don't have to pour your smoothie into a separate bottle. All you have to do is put a lid with a mouthpiece on the bidon and throw it in your backpack.


Many people wonder whether it's worth buying a more expensive blender, what power of the device will be appropriate and what type of device to choose. It all just depends on your needs and preferences. If you are not sure which blender to choose - a cup blender or a hand blender, compare the features of both:

cup blender hand blender
  • high power (up to 1800 watts)
  • suitable for blending soft and hard articles
  • is activated by a single button - it is almost completely maintenance-free
  • has a large size
  • takes more time to clean
  • more expensive than a hand blender
  • less powerful (300-900 W)
  • it is suitable for blending all articles, but it copes less well with hard ones
  • you need to hold it in your hands and take breaks in blending
  • compact
  • quick to clean
  • inexpensive

If you need a device with which to prepare a meal for work, choose a personal blender with a bottle instead of a cup. After blending your shake, simply detach the container and take it with you on the go.

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