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Hurom juicers - which model to choose?

Hurom juicers - which model to choose?

Types of Hurom juice squeezers

Before we focus on the Hurom brand and which model we recommend you buy, we'll first explain the basic differences between juicers. These appliances are divided into manual and electric. The first variant is lightweight, small and handy, so it's great for traveling. It is used to create drinks from leafy vegetables and herbs. However, it is not capable of extracting a large amount of juice,

Electric juicers are designed for home use and professional use in restaurants and bars. They are much larger, but this makes it possible to create juices from many products at once. They are divided into citrus squeezers and single- and twin-screw equipment.

  • Citrus sque ezers - with them you squeeze oranges, grapefruit or lemons. The capacity of this equipment varies between 0.2 and 1 liter.
  • Single-screw ju icers - they can have a blade or be bladeless. The former variant during the production of juice deprives it of many nutrients, but is faster.
  • Double-screw ju icers - are considered the best equipment in this category. They have two rollers, thanks to which they produce full-flavored juice full of needed nutrients.

Extruders come in two versions. Vertical ones are definitely cheaper, but it is the horizontal ones that are gaining more and more fans. This is influenced by their greater efficiency. In addition, in many equipment it is possible to add adapters, for example, for preparing ice.

If you are looking for juicing equipment you will surely have noticed the name: Hurom slow-rotary juicer. What is it? It's a device that works at slow speed (40 to 80 revolutions per minute). Hurom juicers crush products with the help of an auger shaft and thus do not produce high temperatures. The juice obtained in this process, is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients.

The power of Hurom juice squeezers

Choosing a particular model of Hurom ju icer is not easy. It is hampered not only by the amount of equipment available, but also by the fact that each has different technical parameters. How to make a good decision when buying a Hurom juicer? Pay attention to:

  • motor power - this is the most important technical parameter of juicers. On it depends whether you can create juice from very hard fruits and vegetables,
  • low speed of the auger (auger) - too fast operation can cause heating and oxidation of juices, which significantly reduces the amount of nutrients. The low speed of rotation ensures that each product can be used 100%,
  • ease of use - it is the juicer that is supposed to serve a person, not the other way around. In Hurom equipment, all you need to do is set the lever to the right position, which will determine the density of the juice, and the device will do the rest for you,
  • effective stra iner - the smaller the holes in the strainer, the clearer the juice. Our innovative strainers have 0.3 millimeter holes for maximum clarity,
  • thoughtful design - allows you to optimize the time and quality of the juices you create,
  • length of the warranty - a high warranty means you can be sure that the device will last a long time. Our juicers come with a 10-year warranty!

Additional features of Hurom juice squeezers

Many Hurom juice squeezers have additional features. They allow you to use this device in a completely different way. In our equipment you will find:

  • juice density adjustment handle,
  • filter for clear juices,
  • filter for thick juices,
  • ice cream attachment,
  • citrus squeezer,
  • mold for tofu.

Hurom juicers - recommended models

Planning to buy a hurom juicer? Check out the recommended models!

  • Hurom H200 All in One - has filters without metal screens for easy cleaning and maintenance. In addition, it is equipped with a capacious batch chamber that can accommodate a lot of fruits and vegetables.
  • Hurom DU Chef - this equipment is distinguished by its horizontal design. This is a multifunctional juicer, in which you will not only make juice, but also prepare pasta and ice cream, as well as grind products.
  • HuromH100S - this is a very small juicer, so it will fit into any kitchen.
  • HuromH300E - this is a new Hurom juicer that has only three parts to wash! It's easy to assemble and disassemble, so no more excuses.

Hurom juicers - which model to choose?

Do you see Hurom juicers and wonder which model to choose? The answer is simple: buy the one with features that suit your needs. If you plan to create juice only from oranges a citrus juicer will be suitable. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more comprehensive and reliable solution, with the help of which you will create full-flavored fruit and vegetable juices - bet on the Hurom slow-speed juicer. Our offer is designed to meet your expectations!


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