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The most common mistakes made when using a juicer

The most common mistakes made when using a juicer

Do you love delicious juices squeezed by yourself at home? Be careful! You may be making some reprehensible mistakes that will cause your slow juicer to break down faster, and your drinks won't taste as they should. Learn what to watch out for and what not to do so that the device will serve you reliably for many years

Today you will learn about:

What are the mistakes in using a slow juicer;

How to take care of the device.

Mistake #1 - Washing the juicer contrary to the manufacturer's recommendations

We recently wrote about how to quickly and effectively wash slow juicers , in order to enjoy all the functionality for as long as possible. Unfortunately, most models are not dishwasher-safe, so if you follow the convenience and, despite your reservations, put parts of the device in the dishwasher, don't be surprised by the damage. The action of high temperatures and strong detergents will deform the seals, leading to leaks and deterioration of the performance of the juicer. Most should be washed at a maximum temperature of 80 degrees C. Slow-running juicers It is unacceptable to burn the juicer with boiling water - high temperatures can damage not only the housing but also the magnetic sensors, as a result, the device will not start at all

Another mistake made when using juicers is inaccurate washing. A brown residue appears on the parts, which clogs the screens, which can even lead to the breakage of some parts. If you want slow juicer not to go to the service after a short time, take care of its thorough cleaning and immediately after squeezing the juice. This way you will more easily and quickly get rid of the brown sediment that acts like sandpaper, scratching and damaging the juicers from the inside. Sedimentclogging the micro holes in the sieve traps the juice, leading to an increase in pressure and a decrease in output, which can cause micro cracks in the sieves and filters.

Mistake No. 2 - Improper connection of components

This mistake especially happens to people who are dealing with the device for the first time and can't seamlessly connect all the components. If you happen to have a slow juicer that won't start or doesn't squeeze juice properly, make sure it's assembled correctly and you've used all the necessary components

Mistake #3 - Rushing the juicer

TheHurom slow-speed juicer, as the name suggests, operates at low speed. As a result, it squeezes out tastier juice full of nutritional value. Do not, under any circumstances, speed up the machine by forcibly pushing the products and putting in too much at one time! By doing so, you will lead to clogging of the device and, consequently, even leaks

Mistake #4 - Inappropriate insertion of fruits and vegetables

The quality of your juice and the efficiency of your machine also depend on how you put each vegetable and fruit into it. Remember to always cut large and tough products into smaller pieces. It is necessary to remove hard seeds. A common mistake is to squeeze juice, for example, only from hard or soft and fibrous ingredients - in order for the Hurom slow juicer to work efficiently, it is necessary to put the ingredients alternately. Do you see the efficiency of the device decreasing? Put in carrots, which can perfectly "clean" the juicer from the inside

Mistake #5 - Overheating the juicer

Despite the fact that Hurom slow-running ju icers are excellent, efficient devices that often have protection systems against overheating, using them for too long against the instructions can lead to failure. Therefore, if you notice that the device slows down, wait a while and only continue juicing after a while. Hurom slow juicers can run continuously for half an hour.

Mistake #6 - Pushing fruits and vegetables with different objects

Surely you try to use a pusher while juicing, but it surely happened to you to use a knife or anything else that happened to be at hand. Keep in mind that if a piece of fruit or vegetable turns in the batch tube, you should not push it or cut it with a knife. Such ideas can lead to a broken knife, broken auger shaft and even the body. If you have lost the pusher, simply order a replacement part or use a carrot or other hard vegetable

Mistake No. 7 - Inadequate composition of juices

Do you love fruit juices? Unfortunately, they contain large amounts of sugar, which should not be consumed in excess. To limit the amount of it, it's best to use vegetables as the base of the juice or to make it in a 1:1 ratio. If you want to lose weight, definitely use fruit as a flavor additive - squeezing a bit of lime or lemon into the finished drink, for example. Also remind yourself of other mistakes made when juicing, which we wrote about on the Hurom blog.

See the best recipe for delicious carrot and tangerine juice:

Flawless juices and smoothies

Don't worry, even if you've made a few mistakes so far. If you follow our tips, your device will surely repay you in the form of delicious and clear juices that you will enjoy for a long time. Just about to buy a new slow juicer? Check out all the devices in ouroffer and start making the healthiest, tastiest juices at home.

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