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How many fruits and vegetables should we consume per day?

How many fruits and vegetables should we consume per day?

I don't think there is a person who could in any way question the health effects of fruits and vegetables on humans. Numerous advertising campaigns or lectures in schools, for years have tried to make us aware of how important for our life and health are all the components contained in fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, many of us often forget this. Living a hectic life sometimes doesn't even make it easy to eat regularly, not to mention full meals, which unfortunately can be reflected in deteriorating health. So how can we easily add fruits and vegetables to our daily menu? Opt for juicing and use a fruit or vegetable juicer. But first, once again, find out exactly how much good a daily serving of an apple, banana or carrot is!

What are the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables regularly?

To begin with, a brief reminder: regular and adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables is first and foremost a source of protection against disease and strengthening immunity. It is also an ideal way to stop the aging process in our bodies. Antioxidants, which are a kind of protection of cells against oxidative stress, are involved in this. Rational intake promotes the process of healthy weight loss (in case of excess, of course). Thanks to the ingredients contained in vegetables and fruits, we saturate our body faster, feel satiety, and still do not take in an excessive (sometimes harmful) dose of calories. But what can we actually find in them?

With regular consumption of fruit and vegetable juices, we are sure to hydrate our body. Water is about 70 percent of our body weight, and supplying this ingredient through delicious juices will have a positive effect on our mood.

Vegetables and fruits are also the most important vitamins (A,E,C, folic acid) and minerals (magnesium, calcium, potassium). Vitamins and minerals are responsible for the functioning of major organs, as well as the condition of our skin, or hair and nails.

Of course, here too one should be careful, as no extremes are good. Glucose (which vegetables and fruits are rich in) in excess can bring a lot of harm. No extremes are good, so care should be taken to eat rationally.

In what form and amount per day to consume fruits and vegetables?

The World Health Organization recommends eating five servings per day. Speaking of servings, here we mean a weight of about 80 to 100 grams at a time. This applies to produce that is fresh (store-bought or harvested from your own garden) as well as frozen. Dried fruits, on the other hand, are sufficient even in smaller doses. The form itself is also arbitrary!

What if you don't have time during the day for a leisurely full meal? Decide on juices! Preferably those made at home - without concentrates, one hundred percent natural. They are also much healthier than the drinks you find on store shelves, standing there sometimes for long weeks. Juices from fruit squeezers are not less valuable than the product itself before processing.

What's the best equipment to bet on if you want the highest quality possible? Buy an auger juicer such as the Hurom H-AI One Stop pink gold, which is a slow-speed juicer with an automatic squeezing function. What are the benefits of using it? The hopper (with a feed opening of as much as 12 cm!) can easily accommodate many ingredients. Thanks to this, we do not have to spend time on controlling the equipment and adding new ingredients every now and then. It is possible to mount a second opening which will further speed up the process itself. We throw everything into the tray and enjoy the time to ourselves while waiting for the real delicacies! Among the recommendable juicers for vegetables, we should mention Hurom DU Chef, which is a horizontal slow-speed juicer that will be perfect for juicing green products (spinach, kale or wheatgrass). Such a drink (stored in a cool place) is ideal for drinking for as long as two days! Importantly - vegetables and fruits processed by juicers do not lose a single bit of key vitamins, nutrients and minerals! They are 100% valuable!

There is no doubt that a daily dose of fruits and vegetables is essential for the proper functioning of any body. Fruit juices are a source of vitamins, minerals and, above all, energy! Beverages from vegetable juicers have a therapeutic effect, without burdening the body like artificial pharmaceuticals. In addition, they bring the body into balance and have a long-term effect on immunity. In today's busy world, when it's hard to find time for a wholesome meal, it's worth opting for juices. In maintaining a rational diet, fruit juicers can undoubtedly help. All this for the sake of our health. And if you don't have an idea for juices, take a peek at juicer recipes. It's the perfect source of delicious and healthy inspiration!

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