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How to prepare lemonade using a squeezer?

How to prepare lemonade using a squeezer?

In the summer it is worth taking care not not only for a beautiful tan, but also for proper hydration of the body. It is on hot days that we are more likely to reach for refreshing drinks. However, instead of buying products overloaded with sugar - make your own, healthy and full of vitamins lemonade!

Why is lemonade in summer a always a good idea?

Nutritionists and doctors have determined that daily an adult should drink about 2 liters of fluids. In summer, a large amount of water is lost with sweat. The recommended amount of of fluid therefore increases to 3.5 liters and for physically active or physically working even up to 6 liters.

Of course, the best choice is always pure water. However, with such a high demand, its taste can get ugly very quickly. Nor will refreshment itself bring even carbonated water. For this reason, many people reach for acidic juices or carbonated drinks. By reading the composition of these products, you can easily recognize that they are not among the healthy products. Z in turn, sweet carbonated drinks do not satisfy thirst, but only intensify them.

In the summer it is better to reach for homemade lemonade. Its composition you can freely modify and adjust to your your own taste preferences. You prefer sour juices - add more lemon juice. Prefer to break the taste of citrus? Add to lemonade watermelon, a mint leaf or lavender. Freely compose flavors and every day drink a different lemonade. This way you will easily provide body the required amount of fluids.

Below you will also find a delicious recipe for strawberry orangeade, which is as good to quench thirst as well as homemade lemonade.

Homemade lemonade is healthy and easy to prepare. So you can prepare a whole pitcher in the morning of delicious lemonade, add ice to it or store it in the refrigerator. You will always have a delicious and refreshing drink on hand.

Lemonade is also loved by children. For them, you can sweeten the drink with honey or xylitol.

Lemon squeezer - which model is the best?

The preparation of lemonade itself is very simple. Add water to the squeezed lemon juice, ice, honey or xylitol and possibly other fruits or herbs. The biggest problem, however, may be the squeezing of the juice itself lemon. For a 5 liter jug of lemonade you need the juice of 4-5 lemons. The most popular way is to squeeze the juice by hand. However, with so much fruit, you can easily get a sore wrist.

A much faster and more convenient way is to use citrus squeezers. When choosing suitable device, you should be guided mainly by the number of rotations of the auger per minute. The lower it is, the better. Why? Then the lemon squeezer does not heat the juice. Instead retains a much higher amount of vitamin C. You will thus obtain delicious and, above all, healthy lemon juice, which will be an ideal base for lemonade.

The slow-running juice squeezer hurom brand reaches the lowest speed among the devices available on the market devices. In the case of some models, it is as low as 43 rpm. This result guarantees the greatest amount of valuable substances preserved in the juice.

What should characterize still citrus squeezers? It is worth paying attention to the accessories added to the device. Hurom lemon squeezer in the basic equipment equipment has sieves, thanks to which you control the density and clarity of the squeezed juice. Some models such as the H100 or H-AI have innovative filters that make it much faster and easier to make it easier to clean the juicer. An addition can also be a squeezer for citrus, which comes in handy when you want a small amount of amount of juice.

A great advantage will certainly be quiet operation of the device. A slow-speed juicer, due to the slow movement of the auger does not emit a lot of noise. You can successfully successfully squeeze juice while the other household members are still asleep and serve delicious lemonade with breakfast.

Citrus squeezer will significantly will speed up the preparation of homemade lemonade. In addition, thanks to it you will be able to prepare a much larger amount of it than with a using a manual squeezer.

Recipes for delicious lemonades

You can successfully enrich your lemonade successfully enrich it with other fruits easily available in summer. Then every day you will surprise your family with a different drink. To the squeezer slow-speed juicer you can simultaneously add lemon, watermelon and a juicy apple. This way you will get a delicious base for your lemonade. What else is worth adding to your drink? Below you will find some delicious recipes for summer lemonade from the squeezer.

Lemonade with pomegranate


  • ¼ watermelon,
  • ½ pomegranate,
  • 1 lemon,
  • ½ liter of water.

Squeeze the juice of lemon, watermelon and pomegranate using a juicer slow-speed juicer. Add water to the juice. Pour into glasses - serve with crushed ice.

Lemonade of melon


  • ¼ medium-sized melon,
  • ½ green cucumber,
  • ½ lemon,
  • ½ liter of water,
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar,
  • fresh mint leaves.

Squeeze the juice of half a lemon melon, green cucumber and leaves of the mint using a slow-speed juicer.

Dissolve the sugar in the water so as to create a sugar syrup and add to the juice. Then add the water and mix everything together. Serve with crushed ice and a few leaves of mint or cucumber slices for garnish.

Homemade Radler from squeezer

See how to prepare a delicious Radler - perfect for hot days.

Lemonade is the perfect drink for hot summer days. To prepare it you will use a juicer hurom slow-speed juicer. In addition to lemons, use other juicy fruits, the season of which is just around the corner fruits, the season of which falls just in the summer months.

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