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Ranking of HUROM 2022 slow-speed juicers

Ranking of HUROM 2022 slow-speed juicers

Why choose a slow juicer?

Slow-rotating juicers are devices whose main task is to squeeze juices from fruits, vegetables and green plants. Their mechanism of operation is based on the crushing of products with the help of auger rollers that operate extremely slowly. Thanks to this technology, the device does not oxidize or heat the juice, so it makes it retain all the nutrients. In addition, it increases the freshness of the drink. Thanks to the slow rotation, you can store the juice in the refrigerator for up to 72 hours.

The juiceris a useful device for juicing and a diet based on 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. They are energy-efficient, quiet and easy to clean. The slow-running juicer consists of:

  • batching chamber,
  • auger shaft,
  • sieve and rotating basket or filters,
  • the bowl,
  • body.

Some models of juicers are also enriched with additional accessories. Thanks to them, they not only squeeze juice, but are also able to make ice cream, sorbets and even pasta. These accessories include a citrus squeezer, an ice cream attachment, a juice density adjustment handle and a tofu mold.

What type of juicer is best?

You can find many types of juicer on the market. Which juicer is the best? It depends on your preferences and needs. Single-screw ju icers have a simple and easy-to-clean design, with an auger shaft at its center. As a result, they produce juice rich in vitamins and minerals. Twin-screw juicers are highly efficient equipment with two auger shafts. They squeeze juice not only from fruits and vegetables, but also from grasses, herbs and leafy plants.

Juicing equipment is also divided into:

  • horizontal ju icers - they perfectly squeeze juice from greens (such as wheatgrass, spinach, kale, nettle). During the production of the drink, due to the fact that their screw shaft is placed horizontally, you need to move the products with a special pusher,
  • vertical ju icers - during the production of the drink, they evenly and slowly crush the products, so they are ideal for squeezing mixed juices with high nutrient content.

Slow juicer - the most important technical parameters

Still wondering which slow-running juicer will be right for you? Do you need a hint? Check out our ranking of slow-running juicers! In our list we take into account various criteria. We checked the power, usage, ease of cleaning, batch chamber size, juice clarity and additional features. These parameters allowed us to choose the best slow-running juicers and rank them!

Hurom slow-running juicers - ranking

Our ranking of juicers presents exceptional devices from the Hurom brand. This is a Korean manufacturer of juicing equipment, which has been in business since 1974. It is not only the world leader in the market of slow-rotating juicers, but a pioneer in this field. It was the first to create, patent and market slow-running vertical juicers. Hurom brand offers many innovative solutions and makes the juices obtained with its devices fresh and healthy. Check out which Hurom juicers made it to our ranking!

1. Hurom H300E

The juicer that starts our ranking is a real bestseller. Hurom H300E is a device that squeezes juices automatically. All you have to do is put the products into the batch chamber and turn on the equipment, and the juicer will do the rest for you. The Hurom H300E will not only squeeze all fruits and vegetables, but thanks to the built-in timer, it will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity. The device also features an automatic reverse gear to prevent clogging and jamming, and a mode memory function that makes the device turn on automatically after you open the lid while juicing and add additional ingredients within 60 seconds.

The Hurom H300E features the latest ALL-IN-ONE solution, which replaces the existing auger shaft, external filter, internal filter and ice cream and sorbet attachment. The device has a large batch chamber with a capacity of as much as 2 liters, which can accommodate whole fruits and vegetables. So you don't have to waste time slicing them. Equally important, the Hurom H300E will squeeze juice from even the toughest ingredients.

This juicer is at the top of our ranking also because of its easy cleaning. To wash the Hurom H300E, simply remove the top cover and disconnect the power cord. This way you can easily reach all the dirt and rinse the device under running water.

2. Hurom H200 All in One

Hurom H200 is another bestselling juicer in our ranking. Its significant advantage is the large batch opening, whose diameter is as large as 14 cm. Thanks to the fact that it will fit most fruits and vegetables whole, you will save a lot of time by not having to cut the products. The juicer is also equipped with two types of filters for soft and hard ingredients, so you can decide the level of juice clarity.

The Hurom H200 is an extremely modern device that guarantees high performance, excellent juice quality and reliability. It uses Slow Squeezing Technology (SST), which minimizes the loss of nutrients from the squeezed fruits and vegetables. The Hurom H200 juicer has an automatic squeezing function, so that once you put your products into the device and start it up, you don't have to do anything else - just wait a while for your fresh and tasty juice.

TheHurom H200 juicer is equipped with filters that are much easier to clean than the screens found in previous generations of equipment. Simply rinse them under running water.

3. Hurom HWS PRO

HuromHWS Pro is an extremely popular equipment designed for professional use. It will be perfect for bars, hotels, restaurants and juice bars. Because it's tailored for effective multi-hour and non-stop operation, it's always ready to go when you need it. It also has a bowl with a capacity of as much as 1 liter, which will allow you to prepare a large amount of juice for many people in a really lightning-fast time. With the Hurom HWS Pro you will make juice not only from fruits and vegetables, but also from greens (such as spinach leaves, kale or wheatgrass). The device is also equipped with a handle that allows you to adjust the consistency of the juice.

The juicer works with innovative ONE STOP technology, which guarantees virtually maintenance-free juicing. All you have to do is put the products into the batch chamber and turn on the device - the rest of the work will be done for you by the Hurom HWS Pro. Such a solution is a big time saver. In addition, the juicer squeezes very clear juice, and the resulting pulp is extremely dry, which proves the unrivaled performance of the juicer.

4. Hurom One Stop H-Al

TheHurom One Stop is a vertical fruit juicer that ranks high due to its innovative design and simple operation. All you have to do is put the products into the 12 cm diameter double batch chamber, then turn on the device and wait for the juice to be automatically squeezed. The juicer is operated by a knob located on the front of the equipment. This is a very convenient and intuitive system. In addition, the juicer is equipped with filters that guarantee high juice clarity and a juice density adjustment handle.

5. Hurom HZS Alpha Plus

The next Hurom slow-running juicer in our ranking is the Hurom HZS Alpha Plus. It belongs to the unique premium series and features multi-functionality, efficiency and, just as importantly, an attractive design. In addition, it is made of durable material and carries the HiddenTag safety mark. So you are assured that it will stay with you for years to come.

TheHurom slow-running juicer described in our 2022 ranking is equipped with an LED panel that informs you about the device's operating status, as well as a reverse gear that prevents clogging and jamming. Operation of the device is extremely simple and intuitive. And thanks to its sleek design, the Hurom HZS Alpha Plus will be an ornament to any kitchen.

6. Hurom DU Chef

Hurom Du Chef is a horizontal juicer that allows you to squeeze juice from fruits, vegetables and even greens. However, this is not all of its capabilities. With its help you can grind soybeans, cheese, poppy seeds, spices and herbs, among other things, as well as prepare pasta, organic milk, healthy desserts, ice cream, sorbets and peanut butter. Interestingly, despite its horizontal design, the device has a vertical motor, so it takes up very little space. The Hurom Du Chef juicer is also distinguished by its transparent tube, feed opening and lid, which allow you to observe the entire juicing process.

Bottom line - which slow juicer is the best?

Our ranking is just a guideline that you can follow when choosing a slow juicer. Remember, however, that the most important determinant, based on which you decide to buy a particular device, should be your needs. You need to choose a different juicer if you plan to frequently squeeze juice from green plants, and another if you want an automatic device with easy operation. So if you are still wondering which device to buy, take a close look at our offer!


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